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More C.O.R.E Info Released – NoWay!

NoWay Studio have released fresh new info in their DS exclusive FPS, C.O.R.E. Boasting an impressive 15 single player levels more…

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Upcoming McFarlane Halo 3 Toys Include Master Chief, Flood, and Hayabusa Armor

The elusive Hayabusa armor from Halo 3. If you’re a big fan of playing with dolls– ahem, sorry, “action figures”– then you’d more…

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Have Hot Group Sex in Fable II

Why choose when you don’t have to? After perusing the recently revealed Fable II achievement list, one of the many that really more…

Contemplate Your Hatred for Ganon with The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy Book

Available as a 288 page paperback, The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy Book has got to be the missing link to every Zelda more…

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Rumoured New PS3 Exclusive: Savage Moon

If you’re a European detective, you might have discovered that the German software ratings board (USK) is listing every game more…

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Mega Man 9 Achievements Revealed, Achievement Whores Cry

Mega Man is hard. No doubt about that. Mega Man 9, supposedly, is going to be the hardest one since the classic NES titles of more…

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APB Public Beta Registration Now Open

Calling all gamers: we have a situation on the internet, all units respond. All Points Bulletin, the MMO from UK more…

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Research Finds That Wii Boxing Is Comparable To The Real Thing

Plenty of studies have shown that playing Wii Sports or Wii Fit is good for you, to varying degrees. Some people don’t more…

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David Jaffe’s Game Not at Leipzig

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Eat Sleep Play’s new PlayStation 3 game won’t be at the more…

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Impressions: Red Faction 3 Multiplayer Beta

As the second sequel to 2001’s winner of the “Most Popular Shooter Developed By THQ with the Initials R.F.” award, Red more…

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PS3 Exclusive Lost? Final Fantasy Versus XIII Being Ported to Sega Master System…

It appears that Microsoft isn’t the only console maker with deep pockets. While Sega can’t remember who works for them and has more…

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For Those With Too Much Money: Every Grey Cart NES Game Ever Made

Ah, eBay. The wonderful online marketplace full of miscellaneous crap that no one can be arsed to put on store shelves. The more…

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A Heavy Update for Team Fortress 2

“Release early and often” is the established mantra the Valve team has set and continues to perpetuate as they update more…

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Bungie Hint At Halo 3 Expansion, Not New Game

After receiving the Edge Award for Interactive Innovation, Halo 3 creators Bungie have thanked the publication via a highly more…

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UK Watchdog Calls For Mad World Ban; National Paper Has Hysterics

MediaWatch UK, self-appointed guardians of decency in entertainment, have suddenly registered Wii’s Mad World on their more…