The World Ends With You
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DS Review: The World Ends With You

Westerners should count themselves lucky that the World Ends With You managed to make it out of Japan. As recently as five more…

Boom Blox
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Wii Preview: Boom Blox

Think of how LittleBigPlanet will transform our preconceptions of platform gaming on the PS3. Then consider, in the same more…

Tetris: The Movie
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Tetris: The Movie?

Forget Tomb Raider and Hitman. We need a game that has as wide of a fan base as the sci-fi summer blockbuster it will be more…

Mario Kart Wii
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Preview: Mario Kart Wii

Go ahead, make fun of the wheel. Nintendo doesn’t care. In fact, it took only about ten minutes of playing Mario Kart Wii more…

MLE Game 1
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Binge with the Major League Eating Game

To promote their very funny (and very strange) downloadable competitive eating game for the Wii, Mastiff Games held a more…

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Mario Super Sluggers Steps Up To The Plate

With the new MLB season now fully up and running, Nintendo announced yesterday a new sports game for their upcoming Wii more…

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Mario Kart Crashes Into Stores in Japan

Mario Kart has dropped in Japan, with modest lines waiting to greet the next iteration of go-cart racing at the Shibuya Bic more…

Zero Punctuation Review: No More Heroes

Let me introduce you to Yahtzee, though I’m sure you’ve already met. This Brit spouts his humour-filled videogame reviews more…

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Bioshock 2 for PS3 and Wii?

Bioshock 2 was officially announced last month for a Q4 2009 release date. Now, based on recent job listings for Bioshock 2 more…

Darksider screen
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THQ Announces Fiscal ’09 Games

What to make of the mysterious Darksiders? THQ has officially released their lineup of game releases for the 2009 fiscal more…

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Sam and Max Season One Sleuths Onto Wii in September

A scene from Season Two: Do you think we’ve come to the right place, Sam? Who says adventure games are dead? Luckily for more…

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Japanese Hardware Sales (03/24 – 03/30): The Monster Hunter Cometh

Last week we said that Monster Hunter Portable G would probably skew this week’s hardware rankings in favor of the PSP. In more…

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EA/Take-Two Merger – Sports Gaming Monopoly

Justin Blankenship, a former FTC lawyer, expresses concern regarding the potential EA and Take-Two merger. Specifically, he more…

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DS Review: Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is the kind of game that can only come out well into in a system’s life cycle. Like many launch more…

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Wii: Rock Band Release Date Announced

Wii Will Rock You Today Harmonix announced the launch date of Rock Band for the Wii console. Hit the jump for the full press more…