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Nintendo To Launch Budget-Priced “Wii Mini” in Canada This December

With the Wii U is now on the market and first week sales topping 400,000 units (according to Nintendo), the question now more…

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RipTen Review: WWE ’13 (360)

For someone like me, whose love for professional wrestling blossomed in WWE’s Attitude Era, WWE ’13 is a dream come true. The more…

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Nintendo Network ID Linked to a Single Console, Underage “Consent Charge” Applies

The Wii U is now on the market and the video game media has been flooded with coverage, focusing on what the system has to offer more…

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Virtual Console, Miis and More Will Transfer Over to the Wii U

Less than two weeks out from launch, much about how the Wii U will operate has remained shrouded in mystery.  Will Friend more…

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Nintendo Announces Two New Wii Bundles Amidst Reports of Below-Expected Earnings

It’s been a strange and tumultuous year for Nintendo. The unexpected price drop of the 3DS and quick introduction of the new more…

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Man Convicted Of Pirating Almost $12 Million In Nintendo Games Set To Walk The Plank

In a recent article we published concerning pirated versions of Halo 4 hitting the streets, we discussed the swift action more…

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RipTen Review: Skylanders Giants (360)

If you’ve been visiting RipTen this week, you no doubt have noticed our intense interest in Skylanders Giants. Activision more…

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Both Nintendo and Microsoft Drop Console Prices Ahead of Holiday Season

The holidays are undoubtedly one of the most aggressive times of the year for game retailers, with multiple consoles more…

The Phantom Of The Opera (Front)
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Broadway Showtunes Set to Hit Wii this September

This story is just so weird/amazing that we had to tell you about it.  If you’ve let your Wii been gathering dust for the more…

Skylanders Giants_Swarm
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Skylanders: Giants” Latest Addition May Cause an Infestation

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure impressed many gamers upon its release.  Though it hardly put the purple dragon in the more…

King Nintendo Fanboy 7 18 2012
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The King Nintendo Fanboy’s Collectors Journal 7/18/2012

Many people know that I’m a big Nintendo Fanboy and that I collect Nintendo games, goods, memorabilia, and more. If it says more…

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With So Many Player Choices, Will You Decide to Play Epic Mickey 2?

Despite being a key figure in the creation of two franchises known for player choice, Deus Ex and System Shock, Warren more…

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Nintendo Won’t Be Developing Call of Duty-Type Games, Iwata Confirms

  Nintendo has traditionally been known for their strong franchise titles, with the Super Maro Bros, Legend of Zelda more…

Ace Mathician screen 1
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Nintendo Download 7/12/2012

More titles have been added to Nintendo‘s digital shops! 3DS eShop Johnny Kung Fu ($5.99) – An old school action game that more…

Kid Icarus: Uprising Poster
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Club Nintendo Year-End Rewards Revealed

The year-end Club Nintendo rewards have finally been revealed.  Those members that managed to earn between 300 and 599 coins more…