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Samus Aran Phazon Suit Figure

Want one? This limited edition Samus Phazon Suit figure, created by First 4 Figures, stands at just under 12 inches tall on a more…

Bobby says it's more like time off
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Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Explains Companys ESA Exit

Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick, discusses the companys split with the ESA in an upcoming interview with Variety. The more…

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Castlevania: Judgement Screens Surface, Looking Pretty Good

Castlevania: Judgment has been under heavy scrutiny since Konami announced the series would enter the realm of fighters. more…

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Mega Man 9 To Feature Downloadable Content

Famitsu drops hints about how awesome Mega Man 9 will be, including plans for downloadable content (at least in Japan). Of more…

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Square Enix Announces E3 Line-Up – Chrono Trigger DS Playable

With the 2008 Electronic Entertainment Expo less then a week away, the time for Square Enix fans to get excited has arrived. more…

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Activision Announces New Wii Specific Games – Dubbed “Wee 1st”.

Jumping on the Nintendo bandwagon and likely hoping to cash in on some of the consumer craze that is the Wii, Activision has more…

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Another Spoiler Filled Force Unleashed Trailer

Not sure I completely understand the marketing angle being taken by LucasArts, but who am I to judge their uberness. This is more…

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Capcom Announces E3 2008 Lineup – Teases Fans With Slim Chance Of Getting In

The official Capcom blog got an update today in the form of a fairly detailed list outlining the company’s E3 lineup. Outside more…

AitD - Fire BAD!
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Xbox 360 Review: Alone in the Dark

Sorry, sir, but this game has nothing to do with you. She can stay. I’ve been looking forward to Alone in the Dark for some more…

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EA Announces Madden 09 Soundtrack – PR Extravaganza To Follow

EA is celebrating 20 years of Madden music by launching a massive PR campaign in late summer of 2008, just before the release more…

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“NicoNico” for Mega Man 9 Footage

GoNintendo posted a video featuring footage from the upcoming Mega Man 9 WiiWare title. While I’m psyched that Mega Man is more…

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New Game Releases This Week: 7/07 – 7/13

Being the first full week in July, we have a decent amount of games hitting store shelves this week, but sadly another week more…

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WiiWare Game Show Host Has Two Daddies?

On a recent trip to Gameloft studios in New York, I had a chance to play a bit of their recently released WiiWare title, TV more…

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Microsoft Predicts That Xbox 360 Will Replace ‘Novelty’ Wii. Again.

The ever-vociferous Aaron Greenberg has labeled the Nintendo Wii as a novelty that will eventually die off while 360 ascends more…

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Duck Hunt For People That Hunt Real Ducks

If you watch Bambi and think “I would have taken the mom out with one shot” the ST-2 Shooting Simulator is probably not for more…