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NYCC: NetherRealm Righting Wrongs with Injustice: Gods Among Us

On Saturday, I made a whirlwind trip from my home in New Jersey to the Jacob Javits Center, home of the New York ComicCon. I more…

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Float Away To The World Of Pid (Preview)

While still relatively new, the world of indie games has been around long enough to have clichés associated with it. For more…

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In A Game Of Dwarves, You Dig Or You Die (Preview)

If you happen to be a dwarf, you’re all too aware of the dangers of digging too deep. Sure, deeper earth may hold greater more…

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Devs Made the “Right Choices” Without Losing the Sense of Doom (Preview and Interview)

When I told people that we had pinned our E3 Best of Show award on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I got some strange looks. We loved more…

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Finds Hidden Beauty in Horror of War (Preview)

Though we previewed Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s multiplayer for you after several hours with it at PAX Prime, we also had more…

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Robot Rising Heralds Fall of Lame Facebook “Games”

When Stomp Games made the claim that their new Facebook title, Robot Rising, was a “real” game, I’ll admit I was skeptical. more…

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Behaviour Encouraged us to Get unBEARably Naughty with Panic in Paradise

If at first you don’t succeed, mutilate some more goody two-shoes teddy bears. That’s the approach Behaviour Interactive, the more…

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PAX Prime 2012: Learn to Strategize Against XCOM’s Unknown Enemy

With over a decade having passed since the last X-COM title, 2K Games currently has two titles in the franchise under more…

The hover ability makes navigating rocky terrain a breeze.
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PAX Prime 2012: Get Fired Up for Firefall’s Mountains of Content

Even in a beta, constant and major changes can signal issues with a game’s development.  And while MMO Shooter Firefall more…

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One Last Look at Joe Danger 2: The Movie Before Launch

Hello Games was kind enough to let us give you one last look at the upcoming Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The game hits virtual more…

Oh, what beautiful mayhem.
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PAX Prime 2012: Be a Badass in Borderlands 2

The original Borderlands ran in the opposite direction of most modern shooters.  With a colorful art style, a decidedly more…

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PAX Prime 2012: Mark of the Ninja Sneaks in for the Kill

Though you would have seen some of the biggest upcoming titles at PAX, it is often the smaller titles that serve as the most more…

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Harmonix’s Eric Pope Talks Writing, Time Travel and Jurassic Park in Dance Central 3

Rhythm games are rarely known for their complex or even existent stories.  Though some titles have tried to incorporate a more…

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PAX Prime 2012: The Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth Delivers Smart MOBA Gameplay on Consoles

Though the MOBA genre has primarily remained on PCs under the control of keyboard and mouse, Monolith Studios is looking to more…

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PAX Prime 2012: Medal of Honor Warfighter Multiplayer Will Leave You Wanting More

Despite the best efforts of EA with a reboot of Medal of Honor and other offerings, Call of Duty has continued to dominate more…