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Mari0: The Super Mario / Portal Hybrid is Finally Released, Totally Awesome

If you’d have told me 10 years ago that there would be a game that combined Super Mario Brothers and Portal, I wouldn’t have more…

Nintendo 64 Stick Types
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The King Nintendo Fanboy Discusses The Different Types Of N64 Replacement Control Sticks

Everyone knows that Nintendo 64 control sticks wear out over time.  Those retro gamers that are wishing to have an authentic more…

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The Watercooler: Mega Man Rap

Warning: The Watercooler is the best thing you will see on the Internet today, mainly because it is the best thing I saw on more…

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SEGA Opens Episode II on Sonic 4 Website; New Details Revealed

SEGA has recently updated their Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website to begin featuring content from the upcoming Episode II. It’s more…

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Finally, an Update on the New Pac-Man Cartoon… and the Old, Too

Remember this? A long, long time ago– 20 months, if you want to get right down to it– we learned that longstanding Namco more…

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RipTen Retrograde: Choplifter III (SNES, 1993)

Usually when I find a game that is late in a series, I try to play all the games in the series in a row like some sort of OCD more…

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Midway Arcade Brings Retro Gaming To iOS

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released Midway Arcade for iOS, bringing back 10 classic titles for just $0.99 on more…

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RipTen Retrograde: Hydlide (NES, 1989)

I figured with the recent string of great RPGs being released over the last few months, it was time for me to bring you all more…

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Ten Funny Scripted Video Game Jokes

Games can be funny. More often than not, it’s a glitch or quirk of the game can create hilarious results, or just the nature more…

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RipTen Retrograde: Fallout 2

So the last time I did one of these for RipTen was over a year and a half ago. I started doing them for my own personal gain more…

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Student’s SEGA Dreamcast 2 Industrial Design Project Revives Beloved Console

My roommate in college was an Industrial Design major, and I vaguely remember him sitting at his desk from time to time, more…

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Marky Mark’s Terrorist Vibrations: Exclusive First Look

In a recent interview, Mark Wahlberg made some comments about how he would have stopped 9/11 from happening.  While many more…

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Geeked Out: World’s Largest NES Controller Brings New Meaning To Co-op

This piece of retro gaming hardware is not only super cool looking, it’s fully functional too! The super-sized more…

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Geeked-Out: Tecmo Bowl Tebow Time Shirt Delivers 8-Bit Tebowing To Your Chest

Even if you weren’t around in the 80s, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the phenomenon that was Tecmo Bowl. Combine that with the more…

worms are back
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Worms is back as Team 17 Joins

It’s return of the silly voices today as Team 17 brings the original Worms to computers across the land, launching on more…