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Rumor: Western PSP’s Getting a Virtual Console of Its Own?

It appears that the days of Nintendo’s virtual monopoly on oldschool video game systems that weren’t made by them may be more…

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Activision, As Described by the FedEx Guy

Gamers and game journalists are always trying to stay on top of the current news and events that surround the games we love, more…

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Lemmings Ported to Four Different Platforms in Just 36 Hours

Mobile 1UP developer Aaron Ardiri has managed to port a PalmOS version of the classic game Lemmings over to four different more…

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Android Phone Gets Customizable Super Mario Bros. Wallpaper

The Android operating system is definitely made for geeks, by geeks. And here’s the proof: a Mario Live Wallpaper, created by more…

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Space Invaders Messanger Bag, for Those Times you Actually Leave the House

Thinkgeek have rolled out a new line of messenger bags with a Space Invaders design- perfect for that one day a year when you more…

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Video Game Cutting Boards For Kitchen Gamers

Rejoice all you fanboys and girls. Your kitchen is now complete. 1337Motif of Etsy offers several geeky-awesome retro cutting more…

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover Now With Ryu Hayabusa

Have you ever thought while playing Mario how much easier it would be if you could just ninja star your way through every more…

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$1400 Ryu Action Figure Up For Auction On eBay

Lets say hypothetically you have $1,400 (USD) laying around and you want to spend it. Firstly I would suggest you donate it to us more…

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Super Mario Bros. Marathon Is Happening Live Right Now

Right now the third annual Super Mario Bros. Marathon is going on for charity. The group at Mario Marathon will be playing more…

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Peter Cullen Talks About Playing Optimus Prime, and… Mario?

During the 80’s, Peter Cullen was a hero to an entire generation of young boys throughout their formative years. In fact, he more…

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Win SEGA’s Sonic 4 Video Contest for a Trip to SEGA Japan

Perhaps the timing of this is a little awkward. You see, for years now, there have been many a complaint about SEGA’s more…

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SEGA on Reaction to Sonic 4 and Episodic Releases

It took them a while, but it appears that SEGA has finally started to figure out just what Sonic fans are looking for. And more…

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Carpenter Gave Kojima His Blessing to Create Solid Snake

If you follow Metal Gear very much at all, then you have more than likely seen comments or comparisons which liken series more…

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Retro Classics to Be Updated for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have already announced that Ocarina of Time will be coming to the 3DS, but a handful of NES and SNES classics more…

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SEGA on Sonic 4’s Leaks and Franchise Critics

Needless to say, eyes both critical and skeptical have been cast toward SEGA’s development of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 ever since more…