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PlayStation 3, Reviews, Sports
RipTen Review: Fight Night Champion (PS3)

Sport game franchises are often the same, year after year we receive what’s basically the same game, with a few minor more…

PC, Real Time Strategy, Reviews, Simulation
RipTen Review: Men of War: Assault Squad (PC)

Men of War: Assault Squad isn’t for the feint hearted nor is it for the casual strategy player. Instead, Men of War: more…

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DS, DSi, Reviews, Role Playing Game
RipTen Review: Pokemon Black and White (DS)

Pokémon Black & White, the brand new entries in the phenomenally popular series, are finally here. This is the second more…

Features, Gadgets, PC, Reviews
RipTen Review: Razer Mouse Mat Four-Way Showdown

When it comes to taking quick aim and fragging your opponents more efficiently, many people simply look past the humble mouse more…

Reviews, Role Playing Game, XBL Arcade
RipTen Review: Torchlight (XBLA)

When I first played Torchlight for the first time on my computer last year I was very much impressed. Runic Games had taken more…

First Person Shooter, PlayStation 3, Reviews
RipTen Review: Killzone 3 (PS3)

Long embittered by their expulsion from the lush planet of Vekta, the army of Helghan once again battles with the I.S.A. in more…

Hardware, Move, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, Reviews
RipTen Hardware Review: Precision Shot 3 (PS Move)

With Killzone 3 available around the world and many PS3 owners are looking for a cheaper alternative to Sony’s own Sharp more…

PC, Reviews, Sandbox, Simulation
RipTen Review: Cities in Motion (PC)

Growing up as a child I have many a fond memory of playing Sim City on the old McIntosh computers at my original primary more…

Reviews, XBL Arcade, Xbox 360, Xbox Live
RipTen Review: Hard Corps Uprising (XBLA)

I’d like you to take a second out of your busy day to think about something- when was the last time you were truly challenged more…

First Person Shooter, iOS, iPad, Mobile, Reviews
RipTen Review: N.O.V.A. 2 (iPhone)

If you haven’t heard of Gameloft, they’re a game company that makes a lot of iPhone games. These games, generally, are pretty more…

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News, PlayStation 3, Reviews
RipTen Review – TRINITY: Souls of Zill O’ll (PS3)

The problem with games like TRINITY: Souls of Zill O’ll starts at the foundation. A title seemingly comprised entirely in more…

Action, PC, Reviews, Role Playing Game
RipTen Review: Magicka (PC)

Magicka is a new title, it’s almost genre defining and could pave the way for a new way to control magic titles and spell based more…

nyko controller
Hardware, PlayStation 3, Reviews
RipTen Hardware Review: Nyko Raven PS3 Controller

The Nyko Raven controller is an attempt to bring a truly superior controller to PS3 players who complain about the size of more…

nyko charger
Hardware, PlayStation 3, Reviews
RipTen Hardware Review: Nyko PS Move Charge Station Quad

Nyko is well known for making quality charging stations and the PS3 Move Charge Station Quad Port Charging Dock is a quality more…

First Person Shooter, PC, Reviews
RipTen Review: Breach (PC)

When I first played Breach I was disappointed, angry, and feeling a bit ripped off.  I will start by saying that I was quite more…