torchlight netbook
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Top Ten Games to Play on Your Netbook: Part 1

It’s August now, and that probably means you’re heading away on holiday. Obviously, this will be a big worry for gamers like more…

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RipTen Hardware Review: Razer Naga

When I first unboxed the Razer Naga, my first impression was, “wow”. Even the box it comes in is impressive. The sleek design more…

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Quake Live gets Pro & Premium Subscriptions

If you frequently play Quake Live, but have been hankering from more from the browser-based shooter, then you’re in luck- id more…

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New Details on Operation Flashpoint: Red River Surface

Excited about the recently announced OpFlash title? Well I’m not, but I’ve gotta bring you this news anyway. Codemasters has more…

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Ripten Hardware Review: Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

When it comes to video games, I find nothing gives a better sense of control and use than the traditional keyboard and mouse. more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Mega Man

While this may not be the most menacing depiciton of the Blue Bomber, he still looks like he packs a pretty mean punch. But more…

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Crystal Dynamics Announces DLC for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Crystal Dynamics has announced today DLC plans for the upcoming release of the downloadable Lara Croft and the Guardian of more…

guitar heroin
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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Coming September 28

Activision have announced today that the latest edition of the massive Guitar Hero franchise, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, more…

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This New Vanquish Trailer Will Blow You Away!!

Don’t believe us? Vanquish still not on your radar? Well check out this new trailer and see for yourself why it very well more…

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Torchlight II Is Getting The Diablo II Treatment

What do we mean by that?  We mean that Runic is doing away with the one town/one dungeon formula, and opening up the game to more…

Mario Party Shock
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Mario Party Series Possibly On Indefinite Hold

It seems as though after 11 Mario Party games that Nintendo could be putting the series on hold to focus on games such as Wii more…

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Fallout New Vegas Already Has More Pre-Orders Than Fallout 3

Pre-orders for Bethesda’s latest Fallout title have already surpassed that of the recent Fallout 3, according to the more…

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Is Kingdoms of Amalur The New Elder Scrolls? Can Reckoning Be Bigger Than Oblivion?

When we arrived at the panel for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning during the first day of Comic Con 2010, we had no idea what to more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Sonic the Hedgehog

If there’s one thing you guys take away from this fan art, let it be this pearl of wisdom: Nobody puts Sonic in a more…

Donkey Kong Country Retruns Logo
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Donkey Kong Country Returns Top Five Wants

I remember when the first Donkey Kong Country was about to be released back in 1994.  I received that nice promotional video more…