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UK Publication Prints PS4 Potential Release Date

Just because E3 has ended doesn’t mean new console information- both accurate and inaccurate- isn’t coming out. In this case, more…

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Jak and Daxter Collection Rumoured for PS Vita

Earlier today, NeoGAF user Ultros posted an ESRB rating summary for a PlayStation Vita version of the Jak and Daxter more…

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Rumored as Renamed PlayStation 4 Exclusive

Today must be national rumor day, and I’ve got another one for you. According to VG Leaks, the long-awaited Final Fantasy more…

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RUMOR: Street Fighter X Tekken Might Not Be Appearing At EVO 2013

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Over on the Shoryuken forums, a well established community site for fighting more…

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RUMOR: The Next Game in the Batman: Arkham Series Might Be a Prequel

Video games based on comic book superheroes often breed mixed results, but it’s hard to deny that Batman has been very more…

RUMOR: Halo 2 Anniversary May Be In Development

We may be in for another revisit of a classic first-person shooter with the anniversary edition of Halo 2. According to the more…

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Will the Angry Birds Pigs Get Their Time to Shine?

Everyone knows that the birds are angry, but does anybody think about the pigs? Sure, they stole the eggs, presumably for more…

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Who Will Join the Fray in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may live or die by its character roster.  Fans wait in fervor to hear what Nintendo more…

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Final Fantasy VII For PC Product Description Leaked

Though I was in the perfect age range when the game came out, I never experienced Final Fantasy VII. It’s a videogame more…

RUMOR: Mass Effect Extended Cut Product Description Leaked?

Those of you who didn’t like BioWare’s ending to Mass Effect 3 might be interested in this nugget mined from the richest more…

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RUMOR: Star Wars: The Old Republic May Be Considering the Free-to-Play Model

The free-to-play MMO model is becoming more and more commonplace in the present day. Whether it’s because developers have more…

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E3 2012 Rumor: Nintendo Readying Wii U Tour?

At E3 I approached a person that I’ve seen working at a few different Nintendo tours in the past and asked them if Nintendo is more…

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RUMOR: Ghost Recon: Final Mission and AC III Coming to Vita

Keen eyes at Eurogamer have spotted both Ghost Recon: Final Mission and Assassin’s Creed III for Vita separately on retail more…

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Could The New Xbox And Playstation Be Released As Soon As 2013?

The mere utterances of the new Xbox and Playstation consoles, unofficially codenamed “Durango” and “Orbis” respectively, more…

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RUMOR: Could PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Come to Vita?

You all know about PlayStation All-Stars by now. It’s like the greatest hits version of popular Sony franchise characters doing more…