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Pier Solar Developers Seeking Kickstarter Backing For a Full HD Port

The story of how Pier Solar was made is as interesting as the game itself. Developers WaterMelon began developing the game in more…

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Nintendo Download 4/26/2012

More titles have been added to Nintendo‘s digital shops! 3DS eShop Nintendo 3DS System Update (FREE) – This system update more…

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RipTen Dojo: Top Five Under-appreciated Fighting Games

Since RipTen Dojo normally airs every Sunday, I’ve decided to take a more lighthearted approach this week, since the more…

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Nintendo Download 2/16/2012

More digital titles are now available in Nintendo’s digital shops! 3DS eShop Super Mario Bros. (NES Virtual Console) (An more…

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Turn Your PC Into a Golden Age of Console Gaming Time Machine

You didn’t sell all your Genesis and Super Nintendo cartridges at a garage sale did you? You did?! What were you thinking? more…

Streets of Rage
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Independent Streets of Rage Remake Gets Pulled by Sega

About a week ago, we let a story slip through the cracks about a Streets of Rage Remake that was made by someone other than more…

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The History of Gaming – From a First-person Perspective (Video)

A group of College students from Munich have put together this terrific video which takes you through the history of gaming more…

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Fan Reimagines Sonic & Knuckles in Amazing Video

Everyone has a different idea about how to modernize a classic series. Some believe that 3D graphics and gameplay are the more…

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Games for Kids, Then and Now

Games for kids. It’s a simple, almost obvious concept which nonetheless manages to elicit a negative reaction from those who more…

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Sonic Gets Back to His Roots with New Mini-Figures

With the launch of the Dreamcast and its flagship title, Sonic Adventure, SEGA introduced a new version of its longstanding more…

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Hedgehog Double Feature: Sonic 2 XL & Doomsday Zone Animation

Today, we have two Sonic the Hedgehog videos on display, one of which is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. If it weren’t Friday, we more…

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We’ve Had Sonic on Nintendo Systems, So Why Not Mario on SEGA?

While New Super Mario Bros. Wii may have skyrocketed to over 15 million copies sold worldwide, that doesn’t mean people are more…

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The $10,000+ eBay SEGA Collection Auction

See that? That is what is known as “the tip of the iceberg.” It is known as such due to the fact that what you see above more…

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SEGA Celebrates 19 Years of Sonic with Mega SEGA Sale

Wednesday, June 23rd will mark the 19th birthday of Sonic the Hedgehog, designated as such by the American and European more…

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Michael Jackson’s Musical Contribution To Sonic 3 Soundtrack Confirmed By Long Time Composer

The speculation as to whether the late Michael Jackson worked on the soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 can finally be put more…