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Japanese Sonic 4 Website Reveals New Lost Labyrinth Zone Screens (Update 2)

Earlier this year, a preliminary version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 was leaked. Reaction from the head-start hedgehog more…

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Name That Game!

Just a little something fun to end the week… GoNintendo came across the game Geek Mind on the website Dom2D, and it’s more…

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Blast from the Past: SEGA Master System Ads

Over at The Retroist is an interesting find: a vintage television commercial for the SEGA Master System. You know, that more…

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Games for Kids, Then and Now

Games for kids. It’s a simple, almost obvious concept which nonetheless manages to elicit a negative reaction from those who more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Sonic

Stupid hedgehog, you’re not using that toilet properly! Today’s fan art features everyone favorite blue speedster in a very more…

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Why Do Speedy Characters Drive Cars?

Q: “Why would Sonic the Hedgehog be wanting to learn how to drive?” A: Watch this video (and be warned of foul more…

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Sonic Gets Back to His Roots with New Mini-Figures

With the launch of the Dreamcast and its flagship title, Sonic Adventure, SEGA introduced a new version of its longstanding more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Sonic the Hedgehog

If there’s one thing you guys take away from this fan art, let it be this pearl of wisdom: Nobody puts Sonic in a more…

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Vintage Sega Ad Drops Sexual Innuendo

First there were the Nintendo Condoms, now we have this saucy Sega ad from way back in the day. If there’s a story that more…

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Hedgehog Double Feature: Sonic 2 XL & Doomsday Zone Animation

Today, we have two Sonic the Hedgehog videos on display, one of which is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. If it weren’t Friday, we more…

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Sonic Becomes a Badass, Tails is a Girl, and Eggman is Still Awesome

The week started off with a bang for Sonic fans, as a representative for SEGA revealed that there would be a more…

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Sega Scraps Console Patches for Aliens vs Predator

In rather sad news for those intrepid fans who are still playing Rebellion’s Aliens vs Predator, which I should remind you more…

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SEGA: Sonic Colors is for Kids, Sonic 4 is for Older Gamers

While many of us older gamers are looking forward to Sonic Colors more so than Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sega is saying it’s more…

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Sonic Colors Update, and “Franchise-Changing” Announcement Still to Come?

It looks like SEGA is back to rattling some cages with Sonic info this week. Recently, on the Sonic Wrecks podcast Radio more…

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Sonic Colors Allowing GameCube & Classic Controllers?

Controller compatibility can be something of a problem when it comes to playing some games, and in particular, Wii games. more…