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Xbox 360 Gets More GTAIV Episodic Content in 2009 – *Update*

Take-Two announced in a recent conference call that they intend to release more episodic content for the Xbox 360 version of more…

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Ripten Holiday Guide – Playstation 3 Edition

So you’re having yourself a Playstation 3 Christmas, and it’s my job to make it the best it can be, extending your extending more…

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Tiberium, the Command & Conquer FPS, Officially Announced by EA

Electronic Arts have now officially announced Tiberium, a first person shooter set within the Command & Conquer universe. more…

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All Playstation 1 Titles Playable on PSP via Remote Play – Now with Video Evidence

Some exciting news has just broken. Remote play has taken a step forward. The 2.10 Playstation 3 Update combined with the more…

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Rumor: Killzone 2 Beta In Mid ’08

A poster on’s forums claims to have received this month’s UK Official Playstation Magazine a little early, and more…

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NBA Live ’08: New Feature Enables Five on Five Basketball Online.

I’m no longer alone in this world. A new free downloadable feature for NBA Live called “Online Team Play” enables ten more…

PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Companion Cube Gets Soft

Weighted Companion Cube has became a cult hero, with even the plush of his (or her) glorious image selling out completely on more…

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Codemasters Prepare to Strike in 2009

In an interview with Develop, UK based video game developer and publisher Codemasters have been talking about their new secret more…

PlayStation 3, Sony
Playstation 3 2.10 Firmware Update Official – Now Available

The Playstation 3 2.10 firmware update that was recently reported on Neogaf has now been revealed by the Official UK Playstation more…

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Best Consoles List Gone Bad

You’re smoking pot if you don’t include the N64 In regards to a recent article posted by The 10th Hour listing their best more…

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Dylan Jobe Hints at More Customization Options in Warhawk 1.3

What could make Warhawk even better? How about adding your own, personal touch? According to several posts made by Dylan Jobe more…

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Miyamoto Asked About Ratchet and Clank, Responds: “Is it a PC Game?”

Not too long ago, an interview was conducted with Ryan Shneider, Insomiac’s marketing director, in which he stated that it more…

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New Final Fantasy XIII & Versus Extended Trailers Hit The Web

I love me some Final Fantasy. The visuals created in this long standing franchise have been hands down some of the greatest more…

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simExchange: November Software Sales Exceed Predictions

Undaunted by a floundering dollar, consumers are still spending their hard-earned cash on entertainment products for the more…

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LittleBigPlanet & Killzone 2 Expected to Hit Playstation 3 in LATE ’08?

With so little information on these two AAA Playstation 3 titles, excluding the jaw dropping footage we were able to see at more…