Action, Adventure, PlayStation 3
Lair Price Drops, A Lot

We reviewed L.A.I.R (that’s how the name looks on the box, though I don’t think the initials stand for anything) and like many more…

First Person Shooter, PlayStation 3
Shock Horror! Guncon3 Will Be Available To Buy Separately

You’ll get your Guncon3 if you just calm down! Fuss over the non-availability of a standalone Guncon3 has frustrated many. more…

News, PlayStation 3
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Skyline R-35 TV Spot

So the first Gran Turismo 5 Prologue TV Spot is here, and what a glorious looking trailer for Japan it is. If only the game was more…

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Street Fighter 4: Ryu Returns! and More

Information on the hotly-anticipated return of gaming’s biggest fighter is here for your pleasure. more…

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Review: High Velocity Bowling

Don’t laugh. This is probably going to be you in thirty years. I didn’t think last week’s Pain was worth a Hamilton, so what more…

News, PlayStation 3
Custom Soundtracks Rock High Velocity Bowling, TimeShift Demo Adds In-Game Messaging Support

Right, this is strange. The day after my rant about the PS3 not needing an in-game XMB, we get two things on the Playstation more…

News, PlayStation 3, PSP, Sony
PSN Update: Kane & Lynch, High Velocity Bowling, Beats, PixelJunk Monsters

O.K. don’t get too excited. This week’s PSN update report is split over four different stores. We’ve got word of all of these more…

PlayStation 3, Sony
Ripten Rant: PS3 Users Don’t Need an In-Game XMB

Just like you don’t need this burger, Fatty, you don’t need an in-game XMB Today is the start of a new Ripten mid-week more…

News, PlayStation 3, Sports, Xbox 360
Fifa Street Takes New Art Direction

A Pleasing Direction I Might Add. Fifa Street. Hmm…Fifa Street. Not very memorable was it. Things are about to more…

Action, Adventure, News, PlayStation 3, Role Playing Game, Sony
New Foklore Expansion Packs Coming

Completists be damned! In this brave new era of DLC, there’s always a new monster to slay or a new quest to complete. Such as more…

News, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
These Games Aren’t Worthy For Your Kids

Children Should Only Play With Fluffy Bunnies While the good boys and girls eagerly await the fat man in the red suit more…

Driving, News, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Burnout Paradise Demo Comes Next Week

Looking at the official website for Burnout Paradise, to hit the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 early next year, we can spy some more…

Action, Adventure, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Beowulf Gone Budget in Record Time

Beowulf the movie is certainly not a budget title. It uses the latest technology to create a 3d CG experience like never more…

Action, PlayStation 3, Previews, Third Person Shooter
Neogaffer Gives Warhawk Expansion Pack Impressions *First Footage*

Want to know what the new Warhawk expansion pack is like? Well a member of online gaming forum Neogaf has got himself a review more…

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Watch Your Back EA, Activision Blizzard is Coming For You…

…Epic Dagger in One Hand and M16 in the Other With the merger of two of the biggest and most successful gaming companies in more…