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The TF2 Über Update Day Three: World War Wednesday

Valve have updated the Team Fortress 2 Uber Update page again, this time bringing news of “World War Wednesday”. The more…

timbuk tuesday
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The TF 2 Über Update Day Two: Timbuk Tuesday

Valve have released info on a handful more weapons coming in this week’s “Uber Update” to Team Fortress 2. The info on the more…

uberupdate day 1
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Team Fortress 2 Update Time: The Über Update

It’s that time once again where Valve start up the rusty Team Fortress 2 Update machine. This one’s called the Uber update, more…

Crysis 2
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Report: EA Pulls Crysis 2 From Steam to Make it Origin Exclusive – EA Denies Claims, Says Valve is to Blame

EA has begun the aggressive marketing of their new “Origin” digital distribution marketplace, with the removal of Crysis 2 more…

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Valve Announces Free To Play Games Now Available on Steam!

Fans of free to play games rejoice.  Your cheap asses can now play some of your favorite F2P games on Steam! The games more…

Witcher FPS
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President Obama Given The Witcher 2 Collector’s Edition By Polish Prime Minister

If President Obama locks himself in the oval office for the next few weeks, we think we know why.  On his recent trip to more…

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New Total War: Shogun 2 DLC: the Ikko Ikki Clan Pack

The first downloadable content for Total War: Shogun 2 has been announced, with a release date of, well, now. The “Ikko more…

Witcher FPS
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Having Performance Issues With The Witcher 2? This May Help

While many people have been able to enjoy CDProjekt’s latest RPG carefree at whatever settings they choose, many of the most more…

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Brink Updates Will Adress Lag Issues – Should Be Coming Next Week

Bethesda has given us an update on the updates that will soon be coming to Brink.  Lag is the primary concern here and it is more…

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Valve Not Showing Any Titles At E3 2011

Why Gaben why!?  Why do you torture us so? No Half Life 3?  No Counter Strike 2?  NOT EVEN ANY DOTA 2 more…

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Brink Updates Incoming – First DLC Will Be Free!

Some people have been experiencing “issues” with Brink.  Bethesda and Splash Damage are working to address these issues asap more…

Section 8 Prej
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Section 8: Prejudice Assault Mode Unlocked Thanks To 10 Million Kills

PC and Xbox players have racked up over 10 million kills in just two weeks and Time Gate has made good on their promise and more…

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Osama Bin Laden’s Compound Recreated in Counter-Strike: Source

The compound in Abbottabad where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed has been recreated in Counter-Strike: Source. The more…

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Medal of Honor and Battlefield Games 50%-75% Off Today

EA week continues on Steam today with deals on games in the Medal of Honor and Battlefield series. It’s one of the biggest more…

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Valve Definitely Not Done With Single Player Gaming

Just over a week ago RipTen reported on a supposed rumor that Valve was parting ways with singleplayer gaming elements after more…