mass effect sale
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Mass Effect Series, Men of War Pack On Sale Today Only

Steam’s week of EA sales continue today with Mass Effect, and Men of War is 66% off this weekend. As part of EA week, Mass more…

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The Sims 3 and Sim City 4 on Sale Today Only

Steam’s ‘EA week’ continues today with a sale on Sims-based products, with The Sims 3, its DLC, and Sim City 4 all more…

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Plants vs Zombies, Need for Speed Series on Sale

Steam is offering Plants vs Zombies and three Need for Speed games at big discounts today (up to 75% off). You can grab more…

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Fallout: New Vegas DLC Officially Dated and Detailed

It’s about damn time, ya dig?  We’ve known about all this DLC for quite a while, but now it’s official. Honest Hearts, more…

Nvidia Steam
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Did You Know Nvidia and ATi Card Owners Can Get Free Games From Steam?

Well, you do now.  If you own an Nvidia or ATi GPU (which you probably do)  You can get four free games from Steam more…

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Fallout New Vegas Patch Adds Optimization, Stability and Balance

Fallout: New Vegas 1.3 is upon us PC gamers.  With it come some great changes that should make the game run and play better more…

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RipTen Review: Portal 2 (Xbox360)

It’s finally here. Thanks to the talented team of visionaries at Valve, one of gaming’s greatest puzzlers, Portal, has a true more…

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch Live on Steam – Addresses Exploits, Sniper Tweaks, Stability

The latest patch for CoDBlOps has been deployed on steam.  Here are the patch notes in case you are too fking lazy to find more…

portal 2 computations
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Calculations Complete: Portal 2 Out Now

The bars are full and the date is upon us: Portal 2 has been released. At half past 12 (GLaDOS time) the boot sequence more…

Portal 2 launch
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Help Portal 2 Release Early By Playing Indie Games!!

Aperture’s mysterious countdown has ended and Valve has revealed that the only way we’re going to get Portal 2 to release any more…

Why So Mysterious!?
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Aperture Science Starts Mysterious Countdown. Portal 2 Releasing Early?… or Something More? (Update)


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Playstation 3 Steam Details Finally Revealed!!

It’s about time.  Just as we’d hoped, Valve has told us exactly what sort of Steam features will be available on the PS3 more…

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These Portal 2 “Boots” Were Made For Walkin’… and Jumping… and Falling

Valve has released their final video to promote Portal 2, entitled “Boots”.  It showcases the Long Fall Boots as the “latest more…

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Pre-Order Dungeon Siege III on Steam – Get Dungeon Siege I and II Free!

Valve and Square-Enix have announced that with the Steam pre-order of Dungeon Siege 3, they will be offering free copies of more…

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Aperture Laboratories Release Third Investment Video: Turrets

Aperture and Valve have released a third video attempting to tempt investors into pre-ordering Portal 2. As you can see more…