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Wal-Mart Defies the Sanctity Of Street Dates and Sells Fallout 3 Early

Everyone loves broken street dates, I mean, it’s a chance to play (and if you’re a sadist, spoil) any game before it’s more…

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D3 Publisher to Release Coraline Tie-In

When Neil Gaiman’s young adult novel, Coraline, hits the big screens in February, it will be accompanied by videogame for more…

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Hands-On: More Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

20,000 years in the future mega corporations control the galaxy–and we mean the whole galaxy! There will be a lot of sci-fi more…

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Reward Reaches $50,000 for Missing Ont. Teen, Microsoft and Jack Thompson Offer Assistance

The search continues for the missing Ontario Canada 15 year-old, Brandon Crisp, who fled his home after an argument with his more…

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Gears of Acquirement: Legendary Pictures in Talks to Buy Epic Games?

The word on the Locust infested streets of Sera is that Legendary Pictures is looking to purchase Epic Games. No clue as to more…

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Railroad Alarm Clock Helps Start Your Morning Right by Blowing Your Ear Drums Out.

What the hell is a video game blog doing writing about alarm clocks? Well, this isn’t just any alarm clock; this one is more…

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Fable 2 “Criss Angel Glitch” Video

Glitch? Ability you gain as a good character? Shout out to the world’s greatest real wizard besides Dumbledore? I don’t more…

Solio Hybrid Solar-Powered Charger
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Gadget Review: Solio Solar-Powered Charger

I’ve had the chance to spend a good bit of time with one of the Solio solar-powered chargers, the H1000 Hybrid. For people more…

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PS3 Fanboys Strike Back: Gears 2 Metacritic User Score Lowered to 4.1

I recently interviewed Metacrtic founder, Marc Doyle, about what many were calling a suspiciously low LittleBigPlanet user more…

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Gears of War 2 “Last Day” Trailer Combines Anger, Perspective, & Remorse Into One Powerful Minute

Where to begin. I had originally assumed that the “Rendezvous with Death” trailer was going to be commercial that introduced more…

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The Watercooler – 24 October 2008

This is the best thing you will see on the Internet today, mainly because it is the best thing I saw on the Internet more…

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LittleBigPlanet Patch Removes Offensive Qur’an Lyrics, 57MB Download on PSN Now

Many of us believed that the recent delay of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet was meant to allow for a recall, reprinting, more…

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PS3 Underdelivers Again – FarCry 2 Gimped?

After all this hullabaloo about how the PlayStation 3 is the only “true” HD console, here comes the release of FarCry 2 to more…

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Inside Every Gamer, There’s a Little Fanboy

Liberal. Conservative. Fanboy. These words have taken on new meanings in the age of internet and anonymous hate-spamming. more…

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X-Play Delivers More E3 09 News: Four Halls, Bigger Booths, and Booth Babes, Oh My!

As promised earlier, tonight’s episode of X-Play asked the questions that eager E3 09 anticipators wanted answered. Will more…