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Small Smattering of Castlevania Fighter Details

Jean Snow over at Game|Life fills us in a little further on the new Castlevania for Wii–which is, yes, a fighting game. more…

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The Real Yakuza 3 On The Way

It appears that the recently released (in Japan) Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! is a side story to the Ryu ga Gotoku series, known as more…

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SOCOM: Confrontation Delayed Again?!

In a post on the official SOCOM website, Senior Producer Seth Luisi has confirmed that SOCOM: Confrontation has been delayed more…

2.4 Playstation: Firmware Update Out Now [UPDATE]

The big one’s out now.  Firmware Update 2.4 can be found waiting for you on your Playstation 3.  At last you can now access more…

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Vegas 2 Patch Officially Released

The much-talked-about patch to the hit game Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is officially available for download. I just checked it out more…

I love you Jason Bateman
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Movie Review: Hancock

While Hancock is officially released on Wednesday, I was able to catch an early showing Tuesday night. For the uninformed, more…

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Wii Outside with Solar-Powered Game Station

To combat the whole “least energy efficient” label it’s recently been slapped with, Tom’s Hardware Guide has tricked out the more…

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Confirmed: Chrono Trigger DS!

See that tiny text? DS! Irrefutable proof… of a sort Reports have surfaced that the SNES critic/fan-favorite RPG Chrono more…

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New Orisinal: Sunny Day Sky

Why is it that every new Orisinal game is such an event? And by event I mean like, you want to bust out tea and cake in the more…

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Sega’s ReBrand Kicks Some Serious Ass

As E3 approaches and I find myself frantically trying to prepare by reaching out to as many publishers as I can before they more…

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Hay Hay: Wacky SF II Song Makes No Sense

Did you know you could make the future brighter just by fighting? Well, maybe not, but silly Japanese songs like this more…

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Indepedent Games Festival 2009 Open for Submissions

Fez was one of this year’s notable IGF standouts. The 11th IGF kicks off submissions today, giving you until November to tweak more…

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The New Metal Gear Online and What I Miss About Subsistence

As I began to play the new Metal Gear Online the other day, I found myself frustrated. I began to write down some things that more…

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Confirmed: Sonic Unleashed Will Be At E3

Not much to say at this point, but we recently received word that while Sonic Unleashed will not be playable, it will be more…

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Xbox 360 Price Drop Almost Confirmed, Maybe?

Anyone within the gaming community knows Microsoft is awful at keeping secrets. With recent rumors spreading like wild fire more…