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Wii Fun for Kids in Hospitals

This kid looks like he’s totally having fun, right? Looks like someone is thinking of the children! Yesterday Nintendo of more…

Contries not actially divided
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360 Passes The 5 Million Mark in Europe, Continent Divided

I know I forgot to colour in Estonia and Greece. You get the idea. The Xbox 360 has now passed the landmark sales figure of 5 more…

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Site—Now with Stuff on It

The Dissidia: Final Fantasy site features some new info today, points out Famitsu. So far, a story section and a limited more…

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Rumor: Xbox 360 Pro to drop $50?

With just a few short weeks until E3 ’08, it looks like Microsoft has another trick up its sleeve.  Spurred from a few more…

Teenagers Go On Crime Spree; Blame GTA

Another batch of idiots have broken the law and pinned videogames as their reason behind it. Awesome. Hit the jump to read more…

What Would Gordan Freeman Do?
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 at E3? This E3?!

Valve isn’t known for their prompt delivery of games. Quite the contrary, they often announce release dates and push the more…

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NFL Star Daunte Culpepper Sets World Record in Madden NFL 2002

I need to get home and play! Forget about real football; NFL pro athlete Daunte Culpepper set a world record for “Highest more…

Gotta go faster
SEGA Announce Summer of Sonic: World’s First Sonic Convention

The first ever Sonic convention is to be held this summer in London, UK. The event will combine the efforts of the two more…

Finally, something for my PS3 ePeen
PlayStation 3
Are Trophies Sony’s Answer to Achievements?

A few days ago PS3fanboy.com received a tip regarding Sony’s version of Microsoft’s Achievements on Xbox Live. more…

I like my coffee hot
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Lawyers Are “Shocked” Their Fee for Hot Coffee is 40x The Actual Payout to Customers

After a lengthy and arguably frivolous lawsuit over the Hot Coffee mod in GTA:San Andreas, less than $30,000 will be paid out more…

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Jessica Chobot Joins ‘Xbox Insider’

Hot off the pres—err, Twitters, Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb’s Twitter to be precise: Jessica Chobot is slated to join the more…

Guitar Hero: On Tour
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DS Review: Guitar Hero On Tour

Activision CEO: “We need a Guitar Hero game on the DS.” Activision Dev: “I don’t know how that is going to more…

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F*ck the Spurs. F*ck Tony Parker. EA Announces NBA Live 09 Cover Athlete

The title explains it all. I honestly can’t stand Tony Parker, nor can I stand the Spurs. F*ck ‘em both. They’re like the more…

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Spore Galactic Edition Beaming Down

EA and Maxis announced today that a special edition of Spore, dubbed the “Galactic Edition” will be available alongside the more…

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Wii Review: Castle of Shikigami III

Straying a bit from traditional shooters, in this colorful game you command a series of flying sorcerers destined to take more…