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Get To Mappin’: Forge Island Releases Today

During this year’s PAX East, 343 Industries revealed during a Halo panel that they were releasing for free “Forge Island.” more…

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RipTen Review: Halo 4 (360)

We so often use the word “universe” to classify sub-sections of fiction. The use of that term is never more appropriate than more…

Halo 4 Stage
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We Look Back on Halo’s Forward Unto Dawn with Josh Holmes

This past Monday evening marked the midnight launch for Halo 4 and I was lucky to have a chance to sit down with 343 more…

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The View from Requiem: The Halo 4 Launch Party In Photos

Oh, what a night! Last evening I had the privilege of attending the midnight launch party for Halo 4 at the Microsoft Store more…

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Official Halo 4 ‘Scanned’ Launch Trailer

If you’re twitching in your seat counting down the days until the November 6th release of Microsoft and 343 Industries’ Halo more…

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Premieres October 5th

If you’re an Xbox owner and have been eagerly (or passively) awaiting the release of the next title in the Halo series, then I more…

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343 Industries: Halo 4 Near Completion

Halo 4 Franchise Director, Frank O’Connor, recently sat down for a video interview with Giant Bomb, and in it he confirmed more…

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Take A Warthog Ride In This Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Video

As someone who has driven in L.A. traffic far more often than I’d like, one of the Halo franchise’s Warthogs would’ve more…

RUMOR: Halo 2 Anniversary May Be In Development

We may be in for another revisit of a classic first-person shooter with the anniversary edition of Halo 2. According to the more…

Will Hopes Be Fulfilled or Dashed? The RipTen Team Weighs in on E3

We’ve covered quite a lot of E3 2012 already, and the show hasn’t even started yet. A few weeks ago, we asked our team of more…

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Halo 4 Release Date Announced

In a post made this morning on the official Halo Waypoint Blog, it was revealed the the upcoming Halo 4 has officially been more…

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Halo 4 loses Firefight and gains Spartan Ops mode

  Game Informer has yet to hit the news stands for May, but that does not stop some from getting an early issue. The more…

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Bungie Lets Halo Players Know How Violent They Are

As Bungie bows out of the Halo universe and on to new adventures, they leave the gamers with an enjoyable stats page. Tons more…

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Fan Film, ‘Halo: The Fallen,’ is Low Budget, High Impact

One of the things I have always adored about the Halo franchise is the amazing hype machine that cranks up in advance of more…

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Get Your First Look at 343 Industries’ Work on Halo 4

It’s been quiet on the Halo front since we first heard at E3 2011 about Master Chief’s return. When last we saw the more…