AR Game Target Shooting
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Target Shooting (3DS Pre-installed) Impressions

Nintendo showed off an Augmented Reality game for the 3DS at their media event on Wednesday.  The AR game, Target Shooting, more…

Face Raiders
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Face Raiders (3DS Pre-installed) Impressions

Face Raiders is a fun, but simple, title that will come pre-installed on every Nintendo 3DS system.  The first thing players more…

Virtual Console 3DS
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3DS Virtual Console Impressions

Yesterday, I had the chance to get quality hands-on time with popular classics due for the 3DS Virtual Console.  The games more…

Zelda Ocarina of Time Banner
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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (3DS) Impressions and Screens

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, at first glance, appears to just be the Nintendo 64 title with nicer textures and of more…

kid icarus 1
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Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) Impressions (Best of Show!)

Kid Icarus: Uprising was, hands down, my favorite 3DS title at Nintendo’s media event yesterday.  The demo offered two more…

Nintendogs + Cats Logo
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Nintendogs + Cats (3DS) Impressions

The Nintendogs + Cats demo displayed at the NYC 3DS announcement was quite limited.  Players were given the chance to pick more…

Steel Diver Banner
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Steel Diver (3DS) Impressions

Steel Diver is a submarine title that Nintendo first revealed as a demo for the Nintendo DS at E3 2004.  This tech demo was more…

Pilotwings Resort Banner
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Pilotwings Resort (3DS) Impressions

It has been almost 16 years since the last Pilotwings game was released – It’s about time that the franchise made a comeback. more…

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Interesting Facts That The 3DS Press Release Reveals

The Nintendo 3DS Press Release that Nintendo sent out today is very interesting.  It reveals several facts that haven’t really more…

Ocarina of Time Logo
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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Screens (In 2D)

Some new screenshots of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D have been revealed.  Enjoy their 2D glory. – Want to stay more…

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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries (3DS) Trailer and Screens

Capcom is bringing Resident Evil to your 3DS this year with the upcoming release of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries.  Yeah, more…

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Nintendo 3DS Parental Controls Revealed

Today at Nintendo’s 3DS media event I had the chance to skim through all of the Parental Controls the new handheld has to more…

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Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Trailer and Screens

Yes, I know you can’t see how awesome this looks without a 3DS – but maybe if you rub your eyes really hard it will start to more…

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Ubisoft’s Eight-Strong Nintendo 3DS Lineup

Ubisoft have announced their initial lineup of 3DS titles, for release in the launch window. The 8 games will release “in more…

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Nintendo: ‘Refer to Retailers’ for European 3DS Price

Nintendo have completely avoided telling us the RRP of the 3DS in Europe, instead telling people to “refer to more…