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Fan Made Live Action Dead Space Trailer

If you’re a fan of the Dead Space series, now on it’s third installment, do yourself a favor and watch this live action more…

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RipTen Review: Dead Space 3 (Xbox 360)

The survival horror genre has been on shaky ground throughout this console generation, with entries in the famed Silent Hill more…

Dead Space 3 PC Port Defended By Executive Producer

If there is a war going on among gamers themselves, it is the war of PC vs console gaming. While the two sides may not always more…

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Finally, Phil Collins’ Music And Dead Space 3 Come Together

Guys, a large publisher has released a music-focused trailer where the song isn’t dubstep. Don’t believe me? Well, watch more…

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Dead Space 3 Demo Coming Mid January

The third installment of the critically acclaimed Dead Space series will be available as a demo on both the Microsoft Xbox more…

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Suit Up And Step Out With A Friend In This Dead Space 3 Trailer

As Chad pointed out already, the next Dead Space will make use of Kincet’s voice recognition in an effort to make players more…

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Winter Just Got a Little Deadlier: Dead Space 3 Launches February 2013

This may be a Canadian thing, but quite a lot of the people I know agree that February is unequivocally the worst month of the more…

Army of Two Devil Cartel
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EA Announces the Third Army of TWO Title: The Devil’s Cartel

EA and Visceral Games announced earlier today that a third title in the Army of Two (I’m sorry, TWO) franchise, titled The more…

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E3 2012: Electronic Arts Officially Unveil The Bone-Chilling Details Of Dead Space 3.

Like many a great video game hero, Isaac Clarke just can’t seem to catch a break. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that more…

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Is Dead Space 3 Official?

A recent EA investor call has mentioned some titles we knew about and others that had yet to be announced. On the list more…

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Dead Space Developer Working on New Online Shooter IP?

Visceral Games, developer of the superb Dead Space games, is reportedly working on a new multiplayer shooter. This EA job more…

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Visceral Writer’s Bio Teases Dante’s Inferno Sequel

It’s been nearly two years since EA released Dante’s Inferno, or as some call it, God of War: Christianity Edition. In more…

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Job Listings Reveal EA Working on the ‘Dead Space Franchise’

If recent job listings are any indication fans of EA’s Sci-fi Survival Horror series have much to look forward to. The more…

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Dead Space 2 Launch Trailer Comes At You Like a Bullet . . . With Butterfly Wings

What do you get when you combine a 90’s rock anthem with Visceral’s upcoming blockbuster sci-fi survival horror sequel?  more…

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Dead Space 2 Demo Live for PS3 and Xbox 360 Today

For those of you who are clamouring to get your hands on Visceral Games’ latest survival horror title “Dead Space 2”, your more…