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Obsidian Wants To Go All Digital… To “Stab the Used Game Market in The Heart”

Obsidian Entertainment is apparently not a fan of the used games market, which is pretty understandable, considering the more…

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South Park: The Game Will be a “Full-Scale” RPG

Game Informer’s latest cover brings us some information on the next South Park game, and this time creators Trey Parker and more…

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Steam Summer Sale Day 5: Alpha Protocol, Homefront

Welcome to day five of the Steam summer sale. Today’s the day to try out some controversial titles: Homefront and Alpha more…

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Dungeon Siege III – A Polished and Bug-Free Obsidian RPG!?

Yep, that’s what I said.  Now, before you go on yelling and screaming saying I haven’t yet finished the full game or that more…

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Steam Winter Sale Day 4: Darksiders, Alpha Protocol 75% off

The Steam Winter Sale continues today, bringing discounts to two of Ripten’s favourite games: Darksiders and Alpha more…

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Get Alpha Protocol for $7.50 Right Now!!

Why are you still reading this!?  Log into Steam and buy Alpha Protocol.  It’s only $7.50!!  What’s the catch?  You’ve more…

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Daily Deal: Gamefly

Looking to score a blockbuster game from this summer at an insane price? Then you’ll want to check out Gamefly this week. more…

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Alpha Protocol Has Sold 700,000 Copies

Sega and Obsidian’s Action-RPG Alpha Protocol came out in May this year to mixed reviews from critics, but it has still more…

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Alpha Protocol Just Became Omega Protocol, Too

SEGA’s third-person espionage role-playing game, Alpha Protocol, did not quite win over the hearts and minds of gamers more…

steam sale day 2
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Steam sale Day 2: Ghostbusters, AvP Classic, Resident Evil 5 and More

Steam has updated, and today’s deals have been revealed. The deals set to run for the whole week continue to run, and a new more…

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RipTen Video Review: Alpha Protocol (PC)

Obsidian’s long awaited espionage RPG has finally arrived!  But can it live up to the hype, or is Alpha Protocol the first more…

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New Game Releases: 5/30 – 6/5

In what seems to be a very mediocre week in new game releases, SEGA makes a big splash with the release of Alpha Protocol and more…

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Supposed Alpha Protocol Dev Says Game “Should Have Been Scrapped”

I have a friend in the gaming industry who passionately defends the games he helps create and rightfully so. He puts his blood, more…

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Who Is Michael “Super Spy With Music Video” Thorton?

Part James Bond, part Jason Bourne, and part Jack Bauer — Michael Thorton is the ultimate super spy — but you can call him more…