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RipTen Review: Persona 4 Arena (360)

Reviewing fighting games is always a tricky proposition given the disparity of understanding and experience that exists among more…

Persona 4 Arena’s First Week Sales In Japan Topped Street Fighter, Tekken and BlazBlue

The North American release of Arc System Works’ Persona 4 Arena – based on Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series – is more…

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New Video Game Releases August 7 – 13

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. OK. Maybe not quite yet, but the fall rush will see it’s first huge release next more…

Persona 4 Arena Will Be Region Locked

ATLUS has confirmed what last week became a widely circulated rumour: the upcoming Persona 4 Arena will be region locked. This more…

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New Persona 4 Arena Screens Show Off Arcade Mode

It seems like we’re constantly getting more information about Atlus’ upcoming Persona 4 Arena fighting game due out on more…

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Even More Persona 4 Arena Details Surface, Including User Interface and More!

The more I hear about Persona 4 Arena, the more I manage to stay excited. This week, we got some screen shots of the user more…

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E3 2012: New Info for Persona 4 Arena, Including Release Date and Audio Options

If you’ve been following Persona 4 Arena, the fighting game made in collaboration between Atlus, creators of the famed more…

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Take Control of Your Personas in the Arena

  To complement the announcement of Persona 4 Golden for PlayStation Vita, Atlus has also released new screenshots more…

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Contra’s Back! Well, Sort Of…

The Pre-E3 presents have begun to unwrap, and IGN just threw a Hard Corps: Uprising preview into the pile of proverbial gifts. more…

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Be Still Your Beating Hearts, Next-Gen Guilty Gear a Possibility

My hands are shaking with such pure joy that it may be difficult for me to finish this post without bursting. Or perhaps more…

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Battle Fantasia: North American 360 Exclusive

Arc System Works, the folks behind Guilty Gear, have been keeping themselves preoccupied doin’ stuff. Namely, Battle more…