Five O’Clock Fan Art: Pokevengers

Pokevengers, Assemble! I choose you, Raichu! I choose you, Scizor! I choose you, Meinshao! I choose you, ugh, I’m too tired more…

THQ’s San Diego Studio Hit By Layoffs Following The Loss Of The UFC License

As covered in a previous article we published regarding a pre-E3 2012 press conference from Electronic Arts (EA), one of the more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Hulk

Bad, bad Patrick Brown, posting his fan art all over town. Meaner than a junkyard dog, I don’t know the words to this more…

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Canceled ‘Avengers’ Game Footage Surfaces

Before THQ Australia was shut down, they’d been working on an Avengers game. Today, some footage from said game has more…

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Marvel Pinball Actually Looks Kinda Awesome

“You got your Pinball in my Marvel”  Marvel Superheroes and Pinball, not as weird a combination as you’d imagine.  What’s more…