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PlayStation Home Beta Out Today? Depends on Who You Ask

A member of the Official Sony PlayStation message board got tired of waiting for his invite to the Home Beta (originally more…

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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Beta Keys For All!

People, please! What is all the fighting about? There’s plenty of keys to go around! And by plenty of keys, I mean there’s more…

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Get Your Warhammer Online Open Beta Access September 7th with Game Pre-Order

EA opens the door to its Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning beta on September 7th, and those wanting in will have to more…

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APB Public Beta Registration Now Open

Calling all gamers: we have a situation on the internet, all units respond. All Points Bulletin, the MMO from UK more…

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Whore Your Way Into The US Resistance 2 Beta

Want into the Resistance 2 Beta program? Well, if you live in the US, you will be able to log into the PSN, buy episode three more…

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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Beta Sign-Ups Go Live, Europeans Rejoice

Two things: Do you play World of Warcraft? Do you live in Europe? If you answered yes to both of those things, then I have more…

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MGO Resolution 665p Equivalent and 30fps

Pixel counters at the ready!  There’s been some debate over the final rendering resolution of Metal Gear Solid 4.  more…

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MGO Beta Code – Last 3 Digits Go Stealth?

The long awaited beta for Metal Gear Online is finally upon us, but for some unfortunate people the codes supplied to access more…

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Playstation Store Redesigned: No Mouse Pointer, Dynamic Changes

Over the next couple of weeks things will function as usual on the PlayStation Store, but no new downloads will be made more…

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New Indie MMO Game, SAGA, Now Playable

Indie developer Silverlode Interactive accosted me outside the press room at GDC to show me their new MMORTS (Massively more…

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Playstation Emulator Now on iPhone (With Video Demonstration)

After reporting the revelation that Playstation 1 games could now be played on PSP’s via remote play, they can now be played more…

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Hands On Preview: Call of Duty 4 PC Single Player Beta

Ok, the good ol’ boys (and girls) over at Infinity Ward have made the single player beta for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare more…

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Call of Duty 4 – Dynamic Entities, Spawn Protection, & Customization

Neon soldiers have no place on the battlefield… After playing the Call of Duty 4 Beta until our fingers bled, we decided more…