Blizzard Drops NDA on ‘World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria’

While it shouldn’t be a surprise that World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion contains an abundance of Pandaren, Blizzard more…

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Spooky, Psychic ‘Diablo III’ Fan Predicted Release Date TWO MONTHS AGO

OK. It’s time for another installment of Videogame Twilight Zone, this time courtesy of Blizzard fan more…

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‘Diablo III’ Release Date Announced: See You May 15th, My Friend

Last night, I couldn’t sleep.  Honestly, ask my editor. I was late today.  I couldn’t figure out why.  It seemed the stars more…

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Diablo III Puts PvP On Hold, Fans React

Blizzard is “counting down the days” until they announce the release date of Diablo III.  To ensure the game doesn’t take more…

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WoW’s Scroll of Resurrection Now Considerably More Powerful

World of Warcraft’s Scroll of Resurrection has been around for some time now, a long standing initiative of Blizzard’s to more…

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Blizzard Lays Off 600 Employees

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that they are laying off 600 employees.  Only 10% of those, were actively working on more…

WoW: Pandas are NOT Ogres, as This Video Demonstrates

Youtube personality ‘Francis’ has weighed in on the ongoing debate regarding whether Pandaren will ruin World of Warcraft as more…

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Starbreeze’s ‘Syndicate’ .nfo Appeal to Hackers is the Right Message

Somewhere along the way, we took a left turn and ended up in the bad part of town. Here, there is no code of honor. Everyone more…

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Blizzard is on a Hiring Spree, ‘Diablo III’ for Consoles All but Confirmed

On a morning stroll around the Internet, with coffee in hand, we noticed something interesting over at Gamasutra. Amongst all more…

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Activision Blizzard Boss Joins Coca-Cola’s Board of Directors

Coca-Cola, the world’s foremost purveyor of sugary drinks has announced that Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick has been more…

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Board Games are Go: World of Warcraft Monopoly & StarCraft Risk Coming Soon

If you’re a keen World of Warcraft or StarCraft fan, you’ll be able to take your addiction to another level this summer with more…

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Rejoice, European Loot Whores! Diablo III CE Showing Up on Retailer Sites

Way back in October, we shared the exciting news about the Diablo III Collector’s Edition. Blizzard is jamming that box full more…

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Quick! Pass ACTA and SOPA! Activision Blizzard Makes $1 Billion Profit in 2011!

Thinly veiled leftist bias incoming. Prepare for thinly veiled leftist bias. Thinly veiled leftist bias deployed. One of more…

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Blizzard Challenges Valve’s Trademark of DotA, Thunderdome Imminent

Okay, so let’s try to get this straight. A million years ago in gaming years, Blizzard made Warcraft III. People really liked more…

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Blizzard Announces Diablo III Has Been Delayed … Again

Diablo III’s starting to feel more like a pipe dream than anything. Maybe it’s because my patience is wearing thin after more…