New Super Street Fighter IV Trailer is Super, Thanks for Asking!

If it weren’t for BlazBlue, Street Fighter IV would have been the best fighting game in ages. So when you add SUPER before more…

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Capcom Releases Dark Void PC Demo Today

In preparation for the January 19th launch of Capcom’s sci-fi action adventure title, Dark Void, on the PS3, 360, and PC, more…

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Capcom Developing Natal Game From Old Franchise

In an interview at CES, Capcom’s Vice President of strategic planning and business development (yes, all of that) Christian more…

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Mega Man 10 Digital Download Hits PSN, XBL, & WiiWare March 2010

The latest installment of Capcom’s Mega Man franchise continues its retro gaming approach with Mega Man 10 due to hit more…

Mega Man E-Tank Truck Cruises Around LA

There’s marketing done right, and then there’s marketing done awesome. Capcom seems to know the difference and sent this more…

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Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition – New Chapter, Costumes, & Updated Merc Mode Revealed

According to the translated pages of Japanese mag, Famitsu, Capcom’s “Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition” will feature new more…

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Lost Planet 2 co-op demo hitting Xbox Live next week

Excited for Capcom’s upcoming Lost Planet 2? If so, Xbox Live Gold members should mark their calenders for August 19 in which a more…

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Spyborgs gets new, earlier release date

Capcom’s Wii-exclusive brawler, Spyborgs, has received a new and earlier release date of September 22 for North America. The more…

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Capcom offering Xbox 360 Platinum Hits Triple Pack

If your one of the unlucky gamers who missed out on any of these three great games, well, your luck is about to turn around. more…

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Mixtape and Video Premiere

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was finally released yesterday on Xbox Live and will be hitting the PS3 in just a few weeks. I know many more…

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Resident Evil 5 PC coming September, is all 3D and that

The PC version of Capcom’s successful zombie shooter Resident Evil 5 will be coming to American audiences on September 14, more…

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Resident Evil 4 for iPhone leaked

Japanese site AppBank spotted an iPhone version of the fantastic Resident Evil 4 on the Japanese app store, and managed to more…

You lookin' at me? Huh?
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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 coming to XBLA July 29

Destructoid reports that the full XBLA release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will happen on none other than July 29, 2009. The PSN more…

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E3 09: Dead Rising 2 Trailer

There may be no actual gameplay footage, but the video looks awesome nonetheless. The first Dead Rising was great despite its more…

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Bionic Commando Uses His Extraordinary Gift for Menial Tasks

While the term “menial” doesn’t necessary apply to a fireman, everything is menial when you’ve got a bionic arm. Capcom’s more…