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How to Play Catherine on “Very Easy Mode”

Catherine is awesome.  Catherine is also hard.  With this simple cheat, Catherine will be less hard on you. When you more…

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Mortal Kombat – Infinite Koins, Kombat Kodes, Easter Eggs and More

Looking for more Mortal Kombats secrets?  Interested in infinite koins, kombat kodes and Easter Eggs?  We’ve got the guide more…

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Mortal Kombat: Krypt Kompletion Guide – Alternate Costumes, Fatalities and Kodes

Moooortal Kombat! In Mortal Kombat 9, kombatants earn coins (or should it be koins?) to spend in the krypt to unlock kool more…

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Pilotwings Resort – Cheats and Unlockables Guide

– Looking for those extra secrets, cheats and unlockables to give you an edge in Pilotwings Resort? We’ve got them all here, more…

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Yakuza 4 – Cheats, Unlockables and Trophy Guide

Yakuza 4 is the quintessential Japanese open-world game.  If you are looking for cheats, unlockables and trophies, we’ve got more…

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Dragon Age 2 Cheat and Glitch Guide – Infinite Items, Gold, XP and More

Dragon Age 2 has been unleashed on the masses and just for you we’ve got lots of tasty cheats to satisfy your inner more…

Wolverine Ryu
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Cheats and Unlockables Guide

MvC3 is the latest in Capcom’s famous fighting series where Marvel heroes and villians take on various Capcom video game more…

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Two Worlds II – The Complete Cheat Code Guide

Two Worlds II is a vast improvement over the original and an RPG that we really enjoyed at Ripten.  We’ve got cheats for more…

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Sly Collection HD – Cheats, Codes and Unlockables Guide

Looking for Sly Collection HD cheats, codes and unlockables? We’ve got a whole bunch for you! Sly 1 Cheats Access more…

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Gran Turismo 5 Easy Money Tutorial 3 – Mo’ Money and Hidden Trophy Guide

Yeah, it’s been a few days since Part 2, but with Part 3 we have Mo’ Money and a guide to all the Hidden Trophies! Click more…

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Gran Turismo 5 Easy Money Tutorial 2 – Mo’ Money Cheats and Tricks Guide

So getting $17k in under 3 min wasn’t enough for you?  This time we’ve got other cheats and tricks to help you complete your more…

2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. X06CH_CR022
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Gran Turismo 5 Easy Money Tutorial – $17.3k in Under 3 Min (Video)

Looking to make easy money quick in Gran Turismo 5?  Check out this tutorial to see how to make over 17k in under 3 more…

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Donkey Kong Country Returns Cheats, Extra Lives, Bonus Levels and Infinite Coins Guide

The Super NES Classic Donkey Kong Country series has returned to the Nintendo Wii to much success.  Check out our guide to more…

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Guide to Secrets and Unlockables

Looking to find all the secrets and unlockables in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood? Look no further, use this guide to find more…

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Three Goldeneye Wii Cheat Codes Discovered

Since Goldeneye Wii released a few weeks ago, gamers have been clamoring for cheat codes.  Thanks to a post on more…