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PAX: Lara Croft Could Be Yours for $3,200, But She Won’t Go Home with Strangers

I enjoy events like PAX because I see all sorts of crazy things and that grants me the opportunity to ask off the wall more…

Tomb Raider Won’t Be Getting Any Single-Player DLC Anytime Soon

In a Reddit post yesterday, Karl Stewart, Brand Director for Tomb Raider, announced that Crystal Dynamics currently has no more…

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Tomb Raider Data: Lara Croft Has Crabs

You have a sick and twisted mind my friend. Square Enix has released some statistical updates based on the date more…

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RipTen Review: Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)

Any gamer worth their salt knows the name Lara Croft, the iconic female protagonist in the classic Tomb Raider series that more…

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The Final Hours of Tomb Raider App Now Available

If you are enjoying the Tomb Raider reboot and wondering how you can get your hands on some more behind the scenes coverage, more…

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Watch 11 Minutes Of Tomb Raider

So here’s an extended look at the upcoming Tomb Raider’s gameplay. Thoughts afterward: In an attempt to make a more…

New Tomb Raider Screenshots Released

Though the good ship Endurance isn’t due to wreck upon the unfortunately populated island until March, Square Enix is doing all more…

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E3 2012: Tomb Raider Will Make You Care About Lara Croft

It’s no secret that Square Enix’s reboot of Tomb Raider appears to be quite inspired by the Uncharted series, and there more…

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Tomb Raider E3 2012 Trailer Makes Us Yearn for March 2013

Now this is how you make a compelling trailer. Gone is the overly sexualized, short shorts wearing Lara Croft. In her place more…

Tomb Raider – The Latest Victim to Release Date Delays

Well, at least the beginning of 2013 won’t lack major blockbuster titles. Right on the heels of Ken Levine’s announcement more…

History Loves the Idea of a ‘Soul Reaver’ Reboot

I know that contemporary society thinks that vampires are these sparkly things, but it just ain’t so people. Crystal more…

Crystal Dynamics Hard At Work On New Intellectual Property In 2012

Crystal Dynamics Community & Communication Manager, Meagan Marie, helped the company ring in the new year by hinting at a more…

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The Making of Tomb Raider’s Epic “Turning Point” Trailer (Video)

Little more than a month ago, we bore witness to the epic “turning point” trailer that truly introduced the word to Crystal more…

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These Tomb Raider Trilogy PS2 / PS3 HD Comparison Screens Look Marvelous

Nicely done, Crystal Dynamics.  It looks as if the Tomb Raider HD trilogy is definitely lookin’ good.  If there’s one thing more…

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New Tomb Raider Screens Get Down and Dirty

As you should know by now, the Tomb Raider franchise is getting a reboot.  Not only that, but it features a younger Lara more…