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Namco Bandai Wants to Remind You About Customization in ‘Armored Core V’

As someone who’s always enjoyed the massive level of customization in the Armored Core series, I’ve been getting more and more…

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We Want to See Your Custom Twisted Metal Paint Jobs

Carnage and mayhem are the names of the game in Twisted Metal, but we know that gamers like to do it their own way. From the more…

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Soul Calibur V DLC Schedule Revealed, Tons of Customization Items and Music

Soul Calibur V, latest in the long line of Namco’s weaponized fighting game, will be releasing just around the corner on more…

This Is How You Will See Your Weapon Laid Out In Mass Effect 3
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Dungeon Masters Rejoice! Roleplaying in Mass Effect 3 Is Deeper Than Ever

The Mass Effect series has seen a constant evolution in terms of story, graphics and gameplay.  While many would agree that more…

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Brink: Limitless Amounts of Customization. Endless Amounts of Awesome

Splash Damage wanted brink to be simple and intuitive, and they wanted it to be customizable.  Very customizable. Brink more…

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ModNation Racers Brings Custom Xbox Characters to the PS3

When ModNation Racers first came out, I got a chance to play it at my local GameStop. If there was one thing I learned about more…

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NZXT Releases the Avatar Gaming Mouse

Do most people care about a gaming mouse? Probably not. Would most people be interested in reading about this? Probably more…