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RipTen Review: Saints Row IV (PC)

When it comes to Saints Row, there’s not many words you can use to truly describe the franchise. Unique is about as accurate more…

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X Rebirth Locks Release Date, Shows Off Incredible World

If yesterday’s recommendation of rymdkapsel wasn’t enough space themed video game for you, well then, you’re after my own more…

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Artyom Gets Caught Red Handed In This Metro: Last Light Trailer

This latest Metro: Last Light trailer focuses on the character of Artyom, the young man who has moved from being the savior more…

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RipTen Review: Dead Island Riptide (PC)

Deep Silver attracted a lot of attention with their initial reveal of the original Dead Island. While many would say it more…

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Metro: Last Light Has Mutants, Commies and Fascists, Oh My.

The last Metro: Last Light survival guide video showed us how the world of the game is more or less built to make sure more…

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Explore The World Of Metro: Last Light In This Survival Video

If you’re aching for more Metro: Last Light footage, developer 4A has got you covered. Framed as a video survival guide, more…

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Metro: Last Light Soldiers On In This Trailer

With development slowing down only slightly after the fall of THQ, Metro: Last Light is back on the track to release. To more…

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Saint’s Row IV Announced for this Summer

With the recent sale of THQ, it wasn’t completely out of the question that some of the games we were looking forward to might more…

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Metro: Last Light Gets Mid May Release Date

The once THQ owned entity, Metro: Last Light, has received a May 14th release date in North America (May 17th in Europe) more…

Dead Island Riptide’s New Cast Member isn’t Just a Lowly, Lowly Cook

Since the announcement of Dead Island Riptide, we’ve known that there would be a fifth playable character. What we didn’t more…

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E3 2012: Dead Island: Riptide Not a Remake, Will be $50 Due To ‘End of Console Generation’

During this years annual E3, Deep Silver came out of left field with the surprise announcement of Dead Island: Riptide. Aside more…

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E3 2012 “Dead Island Riptide” Has Been Announced

(Ed. Note: Chris Young was so close to writing a video game haiku about an announced title I left it in this format, pure more…

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ARRRRRR You Ready to Win a Copy of Risen 2: Dark Waters?

Our friends over at Deep Silver unearthed some buried treasure in the form of three copies of Piranha Bytes’ Risen 2: Dark more…

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Is Deep Silver the Latest Publisher to Offer “Disc-Locked” DLC?

Over the weekend, we started seeing reports that Piranha Bytes and Deep Silver’s Risen 2 might be the latest game to feature more…

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RipTen Review: Risen 2 (PC)

Let me set the scene for you: the year was 2009. Ensemble Studios, creators of the Age of Empire games had just been shut more…