Five O’Clock Fan Art: Diablo 3 Butcher

I’ll take three pounds of prosciutto, a couple pounds of that salami, that big hellion leg, and a handful of those corpse more…

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(UPDATED) Blizzard Removes New Player Restrictions, Shares Patch Notes for 1.0.3b

Earlier this week, we reported on restrictions placed on purchasers of the digital version of Diablo III. These included a more…

Blizzard Patching Diablo III to 1.0.3a Tomorrow, Also Addresses Digital Purchase Issues

Blizzard has released the patch notes for 1.0.3a, which will be rolled out tomorrow during scheduled downtime. One of the more…

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Diablo III Patch Notes Are Up

I’m not going to write up a ton here, I’m just going to give you a huge copy paste of the notes. These are from the European more…

Francis Diablo
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Francis Loses His Level 60 Hardcore Monk, Also His Shit

Oh Francis.  Will you ever learn that nerd rage is not the answer?  You spent so long just trying to log into Diablo III – more…

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Diablo III is Down, Still – Here’s Some Patch Notes

So, last night Diablo III went down for some scheduled work and the implementation of patch 1.02. This patch is only making a more…

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Diablo III Breaks Records With Day One Sales

Despite a dozen years since the last release in the series, Diablo III went ahead and blew records out of the water by more…

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PSA: Blizzard Delays Diablo III Real Money Transaction Auction House Again

Diablo III has seen it’s fair share of hiccups in the first couple weeks of release. We are still waiting for updates on the more…

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RipTen Review: Diablo III (PC, Mac) PART I

Editor’s Note: In order to ensure that our Diablo III review is complete, we’re holding off on our final evaluation until more…

Diablo Steeleries
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RipTen Review: The Official Diablo III Mouse and Headset by Steelseries

The kind people over at Steelseries were nice enough to send us their officially licensed range of Diablo III goodies.  With more…

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New Marvel Heroes Trailer – F2P Spandex-Wearing Dungeon(ish) Diving Awaits, True Believers

Crafty timing, this announcement. While players are still click, click, clicking away with Diablo III, and we are still in more…

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Trouble in Paradise: Reports of Diablo III Accounts Hacked, Stolen

As if Blizzard weren’t taking enough heat for a rocky Diablo III launch, reports are coming in on the official forums that more…

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Max Payne 3 Edges Out Diablo 3 in UK Sales

With almost every person on my friends list paying tribute to Blizzard and playing Diablo 3, my world for the last week has more…

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Diablo III 24 Hour Livestream Raises $666 For Charity and Justice!

On Monday afternoon I drove up to Irvine, CA to join RipTen’s Steph Gutowski, Cat Cai, and more than 2,000 faithful Blizzard more…

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Diablo III Rage is Fleeting, Review Scores are Forever

When I woke up this morning and worked through my morning news ritual, I was unsurprised by the number of Diablo III stories more…