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Diablo 3 Will Have PVP Arenas

In addition to the Demon Hunter class announcement, it’s also been announced that Diablo 3 will feature PVP arenas, so more…

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Demon Hunter Class Announced for Diablo III

During the opening ceremony of Blizzon 2010, Blizzard’s Chris Metzen announced the fifth and final class for Diablo 3, the more…

How Diablo II Helped One Person Get Through 9/11

At and around the time of 9/11, I was a Counter-Strike addict. It sometimes struck me as odd while I’d played the game, but more…

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Blizzard Unveils Diablo 3 Wizard Class Trailer

Blizzard wasted no time in updating their official site with a brand new trailer showcasing the newly announced Diablo III more…

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BlizzCon 08: Diablo 3 Wizard Class In Action

BlizzCon 08’s opening ceremony revealed the third of five Diablo 3 classes — the Wizard. Get a first glimpse of the sultry more…

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BlizzCon 08: Diablo 3 Wizard Class Revealed, More Coverage Throughout the Day

Ripten is so prepared! Our swag is in hand, and we just got done watching the opening ceremonies here at the Anaheim more…

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Ice Shattered: Diablo 3 Announced

So much for a slow transition via the ice hole. Blizzard.com now features a fancy-shmancy flash animation announcing Diablo 3 more…

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Blizzard Mystery Image Update With Enhanced Detail – Diablo Book Surfaces In Paris

As my fellow writers and I discussed back and forth the possibilities for Blizzard’s upcoming announcement, we decided to hit more…