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RipTen Review: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

There are two things you must know and understand going into this Diablo III: Reaper of Souls review. Number one is that I am more…

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Microsoft Revealing New Xbox May 21? Multiple Sources Seem To Think So

With Nintendo being first to market with their next gen Wii U console and Sony gearing up for their fall 2013 launch of the more…

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Jay Wilson Admits Auction Houses Hurt Diablo III

Diablo III was a game that severely disappointed many fans of the series. When it first launched last year, the more…

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Diablo III’s New Patch Introduces Paragon Mode (and a Slew of Other Changes)

In the four months following Diablo III’s opulent release the game has suffered from several problems, ranging from simple more…

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Grinding Gear Games Throwing Wide the Doors to Path of Exile This Weekend

We’ve professed our love for Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile in the past, and it’s a frequent favorite over on RipTenTV. more…

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Blizzard Comes Clean About the DRM Component in Diablo III’s “Always Online” System

Since the game launched in May, we have written extensively about the trials and tribulations of Blizzard’s Diablo III. The more…

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With Increasing Sales and Popularity, the Future Looks Bright for PC Gaming

When people think about the competition in the video game market, their focus usually turns to the home consoles such as the more…

Job Interviews in Diablo III Redefine the Concept of “Hardcore”

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel is an advertising agency that is looking for a powerful programmer. Now my idea of someone more…

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If “Diablo III isn’t World of Warcraft,” Blizzard, Then What Exactly is It?

On the surface, the question posed in the headline is obvious. It’s Diablo III, dummy. As we dig a little deeper, though, we more…

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Cracked Version of Diablo III Gaining Popularity in China

Despite the frequent reports of server issues, hacking and other controversies that have plagued the game since its launch in more…

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(UPDATED) Blizzard Removes New Player Restrictions, Shares Patch Notes for 1.0.3b

Earlier this week, we reported on restrictions placed on purchasers of the digital version of Diablo III. These included a more…

Blizzard Patching Diablo III to 1.0.3a Tomorrow, Also Addresses Digital Purchase Issues

Blizzard has released the patch notes for 1.0.3a, which will be rolled out tomorrow during scheduled downtime. One of the more…

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(UPDATED) Want To Download and Play Diablo III Tonight? You Might Be Left Waiting and Wanting.

  Editor’s note: Blizzard reached out to let us know that the 72 hour time frame is a maximum waiting period. For more…

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Has the Auction House Ruined Diablo III?

This week patch 1.0.3 landed on the Diablo III servers, and while there was a great deal to be excited about, there was even more…

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Diablo III Patch Notes Are Up

I’m not going to write up a ton here, I’m just going to give you a huge copy paste of the notes. These are from the European more…