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Diablo III’s New Patch Introduces Paragon Mode (and a Slew of Other Changes)

In the four months following Diablo III’s opulent release the game has suffered from several problems, ranging from simple more…

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If “Diablo III isn’t World of Warcraft,” Blizzard, Then What Exactly is It?

On the surface, the question posed in the headline is obvious. It’s Diablo III, dummy. As we dig a little deeper, though, we more…

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RipTen Review: Diablo III (PC, Mac) PART 2

Previously, I wrote part one of the Diablo III review, as I had not done much of inferno or tried other classes, we decided more…

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New Marvel Heroes Trailer – F2P Spandex-Wearing Dungeon(ish) Diving Awaits, True Believers

Crafty timing, this announcement. While players are still click, click, clicking away with Diablo III, and we are still in more…

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Diablo III Rage is Fleeting, Review Scores are Forever

When I woke up this morning and worked through my morning news ritual, I was unsurprised by the number of Diablo III stories more…

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GAME Australia Moves Into Voluntary Administration, Blizzard Saves Diablo 3 Pre-purchasers

  As of yesterday, coincidentally the day before the gigantic release of Diablo III, GAME Australia has moved into more…

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Real-Time Dungeon Crawler Coming to Facebook from Industry Vets

  I’ve stayed away from much Facebook gaming – aside from a few variations on Solitaire, nothing has grabbed my attention more…

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Blizzard Opens Diablo III Beta to the Masses (UPDATED)

You’ve been spending these long months devising every arcane ritual you could think of to impose your will on Blizzard. They more…

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Epic unveils newest Infinity Blade, Takes the Fight to the Dungeons

Ever since Apple first unveiled Infinity Blade at their iPhone event in 2010, the game has become as much of an icon for the more…

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Starbreeze’s ‘Syndicate’ .nfo Appeal to Hackers is the Right Message

Somewhere along the way, we took a left turn and ended up in the bad part of town. Here, there is no code of honor. Everyone more…

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Path of Exile Preview and Beta Key Give Away!

Diablo and Final Fantasy made some sweet sweet love and had a baby, they named it Path of Exile.  If you haven’t heard of more…

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Rejoice, European Loot Whores! Diablo III CE Showing Up on Retailer Sites

Way back in October, we shared the exciting news about the Diablo III Collector’s Edition. Blizzard is jamming that box full more…

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Did You Know Diablo’s Deckard Cain Is A Kid From South Dakota?

Greetings friend.  Stay awhile and listen to this tale. Back in the early 90’s, Blizzard held a very vague contest for an more…

The social features make Diablo III feel more open and interactive
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What We Love (And Hate) So Far About Diablo III

After spending close to a full day with the Diablo III beta, both Dave and I came away feeling impressed and excited for the more…

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Diablo III Cannot Be Played Offline

As an avid PC gamer, nothing makes my brows drop into the snarl of a rage face like ridiculous digital rights management on more…