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West Gets Valkyria Chronicles DLC — Lets You Be The Bad Guys

Sega’s unhyped tactical rpg only went on sale yesterday in the US — it’s been out in Europe for a week — but we’ve already more…

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First Official LBP DLC on November 6th

The latest update on the announced the first DLC coming to the Playstation Network for LittleBigPlanet, more…

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Nirvana DLC Hits Rock Band Next Week

Seven classic Nirvana songs are set to release as downloadable content for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Costing the usual 160 more…

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Xbox 360 Gets Two Exclusive Tomb Raider: Underworld Chapters as DLC

“The Xbox 360 will let you play with me six hours longer than the PS3. Meow!” Eidos Interactive has announced today that the more…

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When You Wish On LBP, Disney Stars Are DLC

Being that this is the internet, a bunch of rumours pass across the Ripten tipline in the span of a single day, and for the more…

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Mercenaries 2 Adds 6 New Characters & Cross Region MP Support in Total Payback Update

A press release issued today by EA announces the release of a “Total Payback” update to Mercs 2. The update will be making more…

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Gears 2 Launches with Five Free Gears 1 Maps via DLC Available with New Purchases Only

To quote Cole Train (my favorite Gears character) “Who loves ya, baby?” The answer — CliffyB loves you baby. And to prove more…

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Rock Out With Your Sock Out: Blood Sugar Sex Magik DLC Hits XBL for Rock Band 2

If you grew up listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers like I did, then the headline will make sense to you — if not, here you more…

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Burnout Paradise Bikes Update

In an age where we’re being nickled-and-dimed for content that should’ve been on the disc to begin with, Criterion and EA more…

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DLC: Where Are They Now?

The Internet age has lifted humanity up to a fast-paced, easily accessible society. When it comes to console videogames, more…

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Review: Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Ratchet is so money… maybe too much money, actually. The fundamentals that make up a good Ratchet & Clank game are all more…

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Sony Scores Exclusive DLC for Mirror’s Edge

PS3 finally gets some exclusive DLC TLC.  Sony has entered into an “exclusive marketing agreement” with Mirror’s Edge more…

Rumor: No GTA IV DLC Until “January or February” 2009

Rumors sprouted earlier this week than GTA IV’s 360-exclusive downloadable content would be ready for release this November, more…

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Grinding Is So Last-Gen; Tales of Vesperia DLC Lets You Buy Level Ups

No matter how much you love RPGs, grinding often turns into a majorly time consuming pain in the ass. Good old Namco Bandai more…

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Niko Bellic May Not Play Role in GTA IV DLC

At ComicCon ’08 GameTrailers had the opportunity to catch up with the voice behind Niko Bellic, Michael Hollick. Geoff more…