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PAX: Double Fine Adventure Is Broken Age

At their PAX East panel today, Double Fine announced that Double Fine Adventure, the project funded by last year’s wildly more…

Ron Gilbert Departs Double Fine

Announced through his personal blog yesterday, game designer Ron Gilbert has announced that he is leaving Double Fine. Citing more…

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Doublefine’s Amnesia Fortnight Collection On Sale Today

If you recall back to a couple of months ago, Double Fine made their Amnesia Fortnight event public by putting up their games more…

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Iron Brigade Making Its Way To PC Within A Week

Exciting news today as the artist formerly known as Trenched- Iron Brigade- is coming to a PC near you August 13th. This more…

Last Chance to Spend and Save (For Real This Time) – Steam Summer Sale (Day 11)

Oops. Pay no attention to the idiot (me) that thought that yesterday was the final day of the 2012 Steam Summer Sale. Carry more…

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EKG’s Mike Kennedy talks Gamestop’s “Damaging” Influence

The used game controversy has picked up lately as rumors have swirled about what the next generations of consoles will (and more…

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Double Fine’s Once Upon a Monster and SpecialEffect Make a Connection

Video game news tends to target a specific group. Gamers love to hear about the next Call of Duty or Halo release on the more…

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Gambitious Founder Paul Hanraets Talks Investor Confidence and Evolving Crowd Funding

RipTen Inteview: Paul Hanraets On February 8, 2012, Tim Schafer and Double Fine announced a pioneering use of Kickstarter, more…

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Brian Fargo Talks Wasteland 2, “Abysmal” Publisher Treatment and Having Fun Again

Kickstarter has been the source of much energy and excitement for the video game industry over the past couple of months. more…

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‘Wasteland 2’s’ Brian Fargo Wants to “Get the Power Shifted”

Last week, I wrote a piece about how Kickstarter was starting to change the power balance in the gaming industry. What more…

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Development Disaster: Could Kickstarter Flirtation Lead to Publisher Excommunication?

Let’s suppose for just a minute, that you are a developer. You’ve had some successes and a loyal following, but lately, more…

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Double Fine’s Kickstarter Surpasses $3.3 Million As Funding Ends

The first feel-good story of the year continues to bear great news, as Double Fine’s famous Kickstarter has crossed the $3 more…

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Double Fine Adventure Reaches $2,000,000 from Community Funding

Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded adventure game has reached the two million dollar mark in community funding. With 60,323 more…

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Psychonauts 2’s Budget is Really High

The Psychonauts 2 train has been slowly building up steam ever since Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson put out the more…

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It Costs $40,000 to Patch a Console Game, Unbelievable but True

If you’re wondering why games on consoles take ages to patch, this might be one of the major reasons. According to Double more…