Newsflash: Here Are All of the Crimes We Commit While Gaming

I have some news that may surprise you: video games can be violent.  Take a minute.  Let that sink in.  Still with me?  more…

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The Watercooler: World’s Scariest Drug

Warning: The Watercooler is the best thing you will see on the Internet today, mainly because it is the best thing I saw on more…

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Super Mario Branded Drugs Confiscated By Police In Finland

I don’t know much about the world of drugs, in fact I pride myself in knowing as little as possible. However, what I do know more…

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Go Behind-the-Scenes of Duck Hunt with CollegeHumor

You might remember playing Duck Hunt as a kid, but I guarantee that this behind-the-scenes look courtesy of CollegeHumor more…

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Marijuana as a Performance Enhancing Drug in Competitive Gaming

Baseball has Barry Bonds and his Giant head (and ego) under the scrutiny of the senate. Cycling has a long list of riders more…