Five O’Clock Fan Art: The Hunting of Ducks

From studying these fascinating early hieroglyphics, we can deduce that ducks were always a popular source of nourishment more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Dog Hunt

Sweet, sweet nostalgic revenge. I’ve never been a fan of ducks. They’re just noisy freeloaders that eat all of our bread. But more…

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Predator Duck Hunt Mashup Good For Laughs

Now I’m one of those kids that played Duck Hunt with my face about twelve inches away from the screen and my NES Zapper pressed more…

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Go Behind-the-Scenes of Duck Hunt with CollegeHumor

You might remember playing Duck Hunt as a kid, but I guarantee that this behind-the-scenes look courtesy of CollegeHumor more…

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Duck Hunt Trophy Plaque

We so want one of these! The sculpted Duck Hunt trophy plaque is the handy work of Eric Tan. Eric says that he created the more…

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Duck Hunt For People That Hunt Real Ducks

If you watch Bambi and think “I would have taken the mom out with one shot” the ST-2 Shooting Simulator is probably not for more…