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Behold Square’s Photorealistic New Game Tech (Video/Screens)

Looks as if Crytek may have some competition on the horizon. Square Enix has detailed their new “Luminous” technology and more…

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Behold Crysis 2 With Glorious DX 11 Upgrades!! (Video/Screens)

It’s been a long time coming, but damn does it look good.  Crytek still has not redeemed themselves in the eyes of it’s once more…

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Crysis 2 Direct X 11 Patch Finally Coming to PC (Screens)

In a development cycle riddled with almost as much fan angst and hate as Duke Nukem: Forever, Crytek has finally come out of more…

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Crysis 2: Where’s Our DX 11 Support?

The original Crysis was a graphical supernova.  However, it was poorly optimized.  Any PC that could actually run it at more…