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New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Goes All In on Revenge

The latest trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is heavy on narrative and light on gameplay. That isn’t a bad thing, it is more…

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Square Enix Announces “Heroes of Ruin” for 3DS

The 3Ds is starting to assemble a pretty strong line-up of titles, but one thing sorely lacking from the plethora of titles more…

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Dead Island Box Art Finally Revealed

We’ve seen a lot of assets for Dead Island thus far, and about the only thing we haven’t seen from this zombie action/rpg is more…

No Kojima
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Kojima-San Will Not Be At E3 – Commence Teh Sadness

If you were hoping for E3 2011 to turn into Kojimacon 2011, you will be disappoint.  The man himself has said that he will more…

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Is “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” Coming to the “Playstation Vita” (NGP)?

A trusted source has told RipTen that the previously titled Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) is now in fact called more…

I'm in your Wii, DeBlobbin' your casual gamez!
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Is Darksiders 2 Set For An E3 and Game Informer Media Blowout?

We still don’t know much about Darksiders 2, but it looks like we may soon. So far, all we know is that, it’s coming, it more…

Kazuo Hirai
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Relax Guys, Sony’s E3 Press Conference Is Only 1.5 Hours

When the original invites went out for Sony’s E3 press event, many a head turned when they saw that the event would span over more…

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Sony’s Next Console (PS4) Already In Development?

Sony have seemingly confirmed that a follow-up to the PlayStation 3 is currently in development. Could we see the PS4 at more…

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ArmA 3 Announced with Screenshots and Info

Talk about the best gaming based news I could wake up to! Following the awesome ‘hacking’ series of events over at the BIS more…

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Hitman Absolution is Official

We knew it was coming, but now it’s official.  IO Interactive and Square Enix have announced Hitman: Absolution, and they’re more…

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Konami Launches the ‘Ultimate Konami Fan’ Challenge

Think you’re as die-hard as RipTen’s King Nintendo Fanboy when it comes to loving your industry powerhouses? Well you’d best more…

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Teased By Official Playstation Mag?

A teaser in the back of the July issue of the Official Playstation Magazine has hinted at A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare more…

Xbox 720
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EA Says Rumors of a New Xbox Are 100% False

Develop magazine recently reported that Electronic Arts was in possession of the next Xbox console, only to have the rumor more…

Nintendo Feel
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Project Cafe (Wii 2) To Be Called Nintendo Feel?

A new rumor has surfaced regarding the successor to the Nintendo Wii.  This rumor states that Nintendo is thinking about more…

Project Cafe
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Nintendo Confirms Project Cafe (Wii 2) Will Be Playable At E3 2011!

All rumors can be put to rest.  Nintendo has confirmed that their next console is coming and we’ll get to see it at E3 more…