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E310: Bionic Mustache Rearmed 2

Shortly after the close of Sony’s E3 press conference, Capcom released information on the upcoming downloadable title Bionic more…

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E310: Ripten’s Nintendo Keynote Impressions

The E310 Nintendo Keynote took place earlier today at the Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles and was hosted by President Reggie more…

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E310 Day 2: Summarized List of Things You Need To Know

Well, the E3 keynotes are done, and the general consensus seems to be that everyone has something that we can get excited more…

Jaffe Announces New Twisted Metal

David Jaffe announces a new Twisted Metal entry for PlayStation 3 coming in 2011. It includes online multiplayer and, for the more…

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Gran Turismo 5 Coming on November 2nd

Sony has announced a GT5 release date of Novermber 2nd in fully playable more…

PlayStation Plus Announced

Jack Tretton has announced PlayStation Plus, a subscription-based PSN service. It’s optional and the free PSN service will more…

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E310: Mortal Kombat in Stereoscopic 3D

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced Mortal Kombat will offer content on the PlayStation®3 computer more…

God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP

Sony has announced a new God of War for PSP, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. No details are yet known about the gameplay, but more…

PlayStation Move Coming September 19th

The PlayStation Move will be available in North America on September 19th in a variety of packages. Single controller for more…

E310: Sorcery and PlayStation Move

Sony announced and talked about Sorcery, a game that displays the Move’s “fidelity” and capabilities. At first glance, it more…

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E310: Sony 3D Titles Include Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Mortal Kombat – Chad is Underwhelmed

Sony has announced several titles that will take advantage of their 3D capabilities, including Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, more…

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E310: Sony Keynote Ripten Live Blog

The Ripten Live Blog of the E3 2010 Sony Keynote will begin at 12:00pm PST, but we’ll be opening the blog at 11:30, so head on more…

Nintendo 3DS has Amazing Support

Nintendo just announced some of the third party support for 3DS and it includes Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, more…

E310: Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has just announced the Nintendo 3DS. Physically, it looks much like the DS Lite, but it has a larger widescreen for more…

Kid Icarus Coming to 3DS

Nintendo just revealed that Pitt is coming to Nintendo 3DS in a new Kid Icarus! In the announcement video, Pitt soared by the more…