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Microsoft Announcing New Xbox 360 Slim at E310, Renaming Natal as Kinect

There are rumors of a slimmer Xbox every time Microsoft shows up at a conference, and we always get mockups or fake videos to more…

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No Mass Effect 3 or Dragon Age II at E310

Unfortunately, GameSpot’s attempt to predict Electronic Art’s E310 lineup broke thousands of hearts around the globe. Earlier more…

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E310: Sony Teases New Hardware Reveal, Move Reference or Something More?

Sony’s website today cryptically refers to ‘new hardware being revealed’, setting off speculation about a new handheld more…

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E310: Eminem to Appear at Activision E3 Event?

It’s absolutely crazy the amount of news we get from Twitter nowadays. From the announcement of different trailers to release more…

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Reminder: Ripten Live Blogging All Major E3 2010 Keynotes

Throw on a comfortable pair of pants, grab a beverage, and pick your nose (if that’s your thing) while our fast-fingered geeks more…

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Win an 8GB iPod nano from Ripten!

This upcoming week is E3 2010, and while many of us are going to be out in LA covering the show floor, some of us will also more…

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New E310 Dead Space 2 Trailer Delivers Slo-Mo Necromorph Kill Fest

Ever feel like a truck load of a exclusive game trailers backed up into your face, broke  your nose, hit your mouth with a more…

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E310: New SOCOM 4 Trailer Introduces An Actual Story

SOCOM isn’t exactly a series that has been known for its story, so the fact that SOCOM 4 not only has one, but goes out of more…

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E310: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Tease Trailer Hits Like The Hulk

If you’re a fan of this new comic book 3D thing Capcom has been using to promote their fighter games, then prepare to do a few more…

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E310: World Premiere Trailer for Killzone 3

Killzone 2, in my opinion, was an awesome PS3 game and a great example of an FPS done right. While I don’t think the game did more…

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Fallout: New Vegas E310 Gameplay Trailer

I was initially excited for Fallout: New Vegas because I wanted to see a bleak, dead Las Vegas, but now I’m excited by how more…

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Dead Rising 2 + Playboy = Dead Sexy

Dead Rising 2 is bringing sexy back. Actually, I’m not sure that the sexy was ever there, unless you find zombie chicks hot … more…

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Several E3 Ready Project Natal Games Announced

Here’s my immediate decision on Natal, and the future of gaming. Playing video games started with stereotypes of “nerdy people” more…

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Itagaki Does Double Take, New Title Will Now Be Revealed On Spike Before E3

Silkyobo Smoothagaki Well it looks like Tomonobu Itagaki managed to fool us all with his silky smooth suave moves. Contrary to more…

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Kojima Productions E3 2010 Special Site Is Especially Strange

And what would an E3 be without a surprise from the man who made exclamation branded head gear fashionable? It would be less more…