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Moron Bids $1,725 for Modern Warfare 3 on eBay

In a staggering display of either idiocy or trolling, someone has bid $1,725 for a leaked copy of Call of Duty: Modern more…

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BRB, BlizzCon 2011 Last Chance Tickets On Sale Tonight

Feeling a little down on your luck after missing out on the first batch of BlizzCon 2011 tickets? Fear not my little warlock more…

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SEGA Auctions Off Rare Swag For Japan Relief – Bid Now!

Hey SEGA fans.  Now is your chance to add some extremely rare items to your gaming collection,and give to a great more…

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Bid on This DS Lite Signed By John Carmack To Support Japan Relief

I have looked up to and met many a man and woman I admire in the gaming world in my life – however, one man yet remains.  more…

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David Jaffe and Team Auction Off Autographed Copy of Twisted Metal For Charity

PlayStation Museum is auctioning off a copy of the first Twisted Metal for the original PlayStation on Ebay.  What makes this more…

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The Inevitable: Kinect Beta Listed on Ebay

You had to see this one coming. Yesterday, there was a reported Kinect Beta listing on ebay for $1200. The listing didn’t stay more…

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eBay Suckers Paying $100 for Pre-Order Transformers DLC Characters

Of course none of us can predict with absolute certainty that anything in life will be great prior to its “moment of truth.” more…

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The $10,000+ eBay SEGA Collection Auction

See that? That is what is known as “the tip of the iceberg.” It is known as such due to the fact that what you see above more…

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Sarah Palin signs Xbox 360, yours for just $1,100,000

Fancy owning an Xbox 360 signed by the former Empress of Alaska? Simply head here and snap it up before someone else does! more…

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Bids for Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker game soar on Ebay

Following the death of “The King of Pop” last thursday, sales for Sega’s Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker video game have rised on more…

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Used Game Market Not the Problem, Lack of New Purchase Incentive the Real Issue

Look, I’ve been reading a heap of articles lately citing both the Eurogamer and sit down with Frontier Developments’ more…

Percentage Price Drop for Games
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Are Collector’s Editions Worth the Extra Cash?

Collector’s Editions of games are becoming more and more popular as video games slowly gain ground in today’s pop culture. more…

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LittleBigPlanet Selling On eBay For Over $150

As you all know, LittleBigPlanet was recalled, after already being shipped to the majority of retailers, due to Qur’an more…

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Ebay Auction: Be a Big Daddy this Halloween (Little Sister Sold Separately)

Can’t decide on what video game character to dress up as this Halloween? Sick of wearing the same blue suspenders and red more…

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‘Clever’ Kid Bids £200,000 For Wii

Do you get excited by Wii? Not as much as five-year-old Archie Lovett in the UK it seems, who got onto his Grandfather’s more…