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Eurogamer Expo Preview: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

It’s not very often that a Need for Speed game comes over the horizon with all guns blazing and looking like it might more…

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Eurogamer Expo Hands-On Preview: Fallout: New Vegas Combat

It’s hard to do a preview of an open world RPG. The whole point is character and story progression, which can only be more…

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Splash Damage Boss Compares New IP “Brink” to Halo, Gears, & Call of Duty

Props to Splash Damage owner and founder Paul Wedgwood for having confidence in his company’s new IP (intellectual property) more…

The scouter never lies!
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Preview: Left 4 Dead

Although I was only able to play the XBox 360 version of Left 4 Dead at the Eurogamer Expo, I have been playing the more…

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Preview: Resident Evil 5

It might come as a surprise that Resident Evil 5 was playable at the Eurogamer Expo, as it certainly was for me when I saw more…

Ninjas! Robots! ROBOT NINJAS!
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Preview: Plain Sight

What the ding-dally is Plain Sight, you ask? Well, dear reader, just take a seat and I’ll run you through it. Before the more…

Call of Duty 5- I mean, World at War
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Preview: Call of Duty: World at War

After a look at the single player portion of Call of Duty: World at War at the Eurogamer Expo and a lot of time on the more…

Prince of Persia Art at the Euogamer Expo
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The Eurogamer Expo 2008

Prince of Persia Art at the Euogamer Expo The London Games Festival 2008 is drawing to a close, and the last of the events more…