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RUMOR: Street Fighter X Tekken Might Not Be Appearing At EVO 2013

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Over on the Shoryuken forums, a well established community site for fighting more…

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A Seasoned Fighter and a Cat Join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Well, at least the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale rumors proved to be partially correct.  If you weren’t tuned into more…

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Street Fighter Documentary “More Than a Game” Follows the Road to Evo

Earlier this week, I came across a trailer for an upcoming documentary entitled More Than a Game. The film follows a few top more…

All-Star Seth Killian Joins Sony Santa Monica’s Battle Royale Team

We recently reported about the sudden departure of Seth Killian, former competitive fighting game phenom, from his role as more…

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Evolution 2012 Offering Over $100,000 in Prize Money

The fighting game community doesn’t cease to amaze me. It was just recently announced on Shoryuken that this years Evolution more…

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Porn and Video Games = Comment War!

Here we go! I will start with blanket statements. Many gamers like porn. Many gamers have heard of Brazzers. Brazzers wants more…

Australian Release of Castlevania: LoS and Pro Evo Soccer 2011 Delayed

For any of my Australian friends holding out for the release of either game, I’m sorry to say but there’s going to be another more…