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Trademark Suggests Sony Working on its Own Version of Kinect

If a trademark published this month is to be believed, Sony seems to be working on its own version of Microsoft’s Kinect more…

nothing like the wii
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Sony Says Move is Not “Wii on PS3”

David Wilson, head of PR at Sony UK, has told MCV that Move is not just Wii on PS3- it’s actually “a complimentary product. more…

Its just a flesh wound.
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Controllers are for Chumps: Sony to Reinvent the EyeToy with Swords and Pom-Poms

Not content in holding up a large percentage of the market share with conventional thinking alone, Sony once again plans to more…

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Sony Ceases Production on Eight Days and The Getaway

After reporting on the survival of Eight Days and The Getaway not long ago, we weren’t expecting to bring you news that both more…