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The Difference Between Excitement and Hype is Expectation

I’m the kind of gamer who gets sucked into the ideas of what a game could be. Too often, though, I’ve found myself more…

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RipTen Review: Fable Heroes (XBLA)

Right now, the Fable series is in a little bit of turmoil. The franchise started strong on the Xbox, but as time went on, more…

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Get Your BioShock 2 Gameplay, Killzone 2 and PunchOut Announcements, More on Next GTTV

The next episode of GameTrailers TV, airing this Thursday night at 12:30 PM, will be epic featuring the premier gameplay more…

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Molyneux Confirms Spring as our Current Season, Fable II DLC Details Blossom Soon After

In a recent chat, Lionhead Studios head Peter Molyneux revealed that the current change in temperature we are experiencing is more…

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Economic Slowdown? Gaming Industry Suffers Not

You may remember when we reported that analysts were expecting the gaming industry to have huge sales this holiday, more…

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360 Review: Fable II

Fable II is one of those games that some people have been waiting for even before the original was released.  Peter Molyneux more…

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Adam Sessler Talks Shrooms, Marijuana, Back Pain, and Still Finds Time to Summarize Fable II

The latest edition of Sessler’s Soapbox courtesy of our friends over at G4TV features a visibly in pain Adam Sessler juggling more…

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Fable II Co-op Available on Day 1; New Trailer

After lauding Fable II’s cooperative gameplay as the best thing since whatever was previously the best thing (witty, right?), more…

You see that? Yeah? You want it? Tough.
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Fable 2’s Collectors Edition Subject to Change

Fable 2 is done. No, really, it’s for real this time. As we speak, it’s already being pressed to discs, manufactured, and more…

Molyneux: Fable II Is A “9 Out of 10”

Aren’t developers supposed to be the arch enemies of the review score system, railing at their gross inadequacy to whittle more…

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Fable II Fan Refuses to Shave Beard Until Game Comes Out

Armblast, a user over at the Lionhead Community forums, really wants Fable II. The waiting, though, is apparently unbearable. more…

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Have Hot Group Sex in Fable II

Why choose when you don’t have to? After perusing the recently revealed Fable II achievement list, one of the many that really more…