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Fall 2008 Lineup: R² Breakdown

Fall is fast approaching, and your bank balance will soon be dropping faster than the leaves on the tree outside your window. more…

You see that? Yeah? You want it? Tough.
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Fable 2’s Collectors Edition Subject to Change

Fable 2 is done. No, really, it’s for real this time. As we speak, it’s already being pressed to discs, manufactured, and more…

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Earn Money in Fable 2 Before It Releases – No Prostitution Required

In an attempt to get you more excited about Fable 2’s release, Peter Molyneux and the studly geniuses at Lionhead are giving more…

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Fable 2 Co-op Officially Revealed, Heart-Strings Pulled

A few minutes ago at the Microsoft keynote, Peter Molyneux officially showed off the online co-op of the upcoming Fable more…